Texas Twister


Action / Crime / Drama

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Jamie Bernadette as Rita Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by izabelatrzeszczon 3 / 10


I didn't get from that movie anything that i wanted. I expected some action and at least one tornado that would prove that main character ain't crazy. Promote a movie with tornado and not include it as an event is quite surprising thought. Somewhere in the middle of movie I was sure that main character will turn into Noe archetype. Having visions and nobody believes him and when time come he is ready for catastrophe with his self made bunker. Didn't turn like that...

I feel that it is more psychological movie and for that I'm giving 3 stars bcz it is pretty good material to interprete and analyse.

Reviewed by scottkolflat 1 / 10

Just like going to church and falling asleep.

Brett Bentman's Texas Twister promises an exciting, action-packed ride through tornado-ravaged landscapes, but instead delivers a dull and preachy sermon on religion. If you're expecting heart-pounding chases and devastating weather, prepare for disappointment. There's hardly a single tornado in sight.

The film tries to mask its lackluster plot with the pretense of exploring deep, philosophical themes. However, what it really offers is a meandering, painfully slow narrative that feels more like a church service than a cinematic experience. The story centers around a small Texas town and its residents, whose lives supposedly intertwine in meaningful ways. In reality, it's a collection of clichés about faith, doubt, and redemption, executed with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

The characters are as flat and uninteresting as the landscape they inhabit. The enigmatic preacher, the central figure in this dreary tale, delivers sermons that are more tedious than thought-provoking. His monologues, filled with heavy-handed metaphors and moralistic drivel, dominate the film, leaving little room for actual plot development or character growth.

Cinematographically, the film offers nothing new. The vast Texan plains are shot with a monotonous sameness that fails to capture any real beauty or significance. The soundtrack, an uninspired mix of hymns and folksy tunes, does little to elevate the dreariness of the film. Instead, it adds to the overall feeling of being trapped in a never-ending Sunday service.

The pacing is glacial, dragging the viewer through endless scenes of existential angst and religious platitudes. Any potential for genuine drama or excitement is smothered by the film's pretentious attempts at profundity. The performances are equally lackluster, with actors seemingly as bored with their roles as the audience is likely to be.

In the end, "Texas Twister" is a misnomer. There's no storm, no twist, and certainly no excitement. What could have been an interesting exploration of faith in the face of natural disaster is instead a tedious slog through uninspired dialogue and predictable character arcs. Brett Bentman might have intended to create a deep, philosophical film, but the result is a pretentious, plodding bore. Skip this one unless you're in desperate need of a nap.

Reviewed by rickware 1 / 10

More church service than tornado movie

3 of us watched it. 2 of us said "well that's and hour & a half I'll never get back." I forced myself to watch even though Drumpf lovin' MAGA man John Schneider is in it, playing a PASTOR!!! (Lord help us all!). It's mostly about a guy loosing his mind, imagining there's a tornado about to hit every time he turns around. This movie could have been better (let anyone but John Schneider play a minister) but I suppose it could have been worse. Like people say in these reviews quite a bit... I would have given this a zero rating if it had been a option..Skip this and wait for "Twisters" in theatres this summer.

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