Temptation Under the Sun


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3/10 10 177 177

Top cast

Annika Foster as Detective Cassady Cruz
Mike Markoff as Travis King
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Reviewed by lavatch 6 / 10

A Fling on the Island of St. Luke

Cassady Cruz is a hardboiled police detective in Detroit. Forced to take some time off due to her overzealous vigilance in dealing with a corrupt councilman, Cassidy embarks on a whirlwind vacation to the Caribbean island of St. Luke where she will find even greater corruption than in Detroit.

While the drama on the island involves a cabal of greedy entrepreneurs and a chief police inspector who is rotten to the core, the principal drama is a romance between Cassady and a playboy tour guide named Travis King.

Travis is an expatriate who fled the United States to escape legal difficulties. Now, he finds himself embroiled in a murder case when his ex-lover Minerva is murdered and he is the principal suspect.

The mystery side of the film is superseded by the romance when Cassidy and Travis join forces to prove his innocence. But rather than striving to solve the crime, they are constantly distracted by urgent matters pertaining to the birds and the bees. The most outrageous scene finds them on a deserted island where they both have fallen into a sinkhole. But instead of focusing on extricating themselves, their first impulse is to take care of romantic matters.

"Temptation Under the Sun" did not quite meld the mystery genre that lacked suspense with the romance that never quite sizzled enough. The fine cast labored to rise above material that seemed closer to sitcom than a made-for-television film.

Reviewed by jtcook-37970 3 / 10


I thought that this movie had a weak plot. Also, the actors and actresses were not very good. In fact, the acting was terrible. Usually, I like most of the Lifetime movies,but this one get thumbs down for me.

Reviewed by doujyr 5 / 10

Pretty decent TV movie

Reign in expectations, it's a Lifetime made for TV movie. In that context it's a pretty decent watch. Attractive cast, doing their best with the script. The striptease thing was actually pretty good I thought!

Have sadly seen a lot worse.

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