Tell Them You Love Me


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fanofmovies124 8 / 10

Facilitated Communication is akin to a Ouija Board

Good documentary, but Anna Stubblefield, a white Rutgers University professor in the field of philosophy-with an emphasis on disability and race, is a predator. Period. She used her position to prey on Derrick-a nonverbal man with cerebral palsy-and his family, beginning by telling Derrick's brother, John, that they wouldn't be able to afford the facilitated communication program at Syracuse, but she could help. She could give a voice to Derrick, who she decided had a voice, just no one had found it yet.

From the moment they talked, Stubblefield made gross characterizations of what John's life was like and whether Derrick was properly cared for. How dare she? What she saw and manipulated was a vulnerable man that she could control and "mold" into a stand-in for her husband and their failed marriage. Derrick has a cognitive level of 6 months to one year! He hasn't moved from a physical world to a spatial or cognitive one, let alone an associative one!

For those who think FC has some legitimacy, how do you explain literacy magically appearing where no education existed before? Because literacy doesn't just magically appear. It takes work, practice, and repetition, which ANY EDUCATOR in early developmental education would attest. Furthermore, the written English language is NOT an easy one to grasp without some form of literacy being accompanied by it.

It's just some overzealous person with an Ouija board.

One last comment: reviews that have "questions" after clearly didn't watch the entirety of documentary (or watch at all?). Derrick was evaluated HUNDREDS of times in his life, if not more, and especially by respected researchers. He was evaluated for the court by Dr. Shane.

Anna stubblefield is an either a psychopath who doesn't know the difference between right and wrong (no) or a vicious sociopath who doesn't care (yes).

Reviewed by bananas-06047 8 / 10

Great documentary, well done. I only have one question.

If the man was capable of writing his thoughts, feelings and emotions, why couldn't someone else (who was independently appointed by the court) just ask him his side? If a judge could independently adjudicate his personal take they could judge. I thought throughout this whole documentary that this was building up to a climax where we were just gonna get to hear him speak and understand his side and that never came.

For example, did Derek's former teacher actually call him DMan?! Could Sharona attest to Derricks personality/voice?

I did appreciate the clarity of thought and emotion that Anna had. Added to that, the ability of the family and friends to add thoughtful and powerful perspectives made this.

Reviewed by ops-52535 7 / 10

its the worst...

Nightmare ever for every proffesional health and otherwise caretaker , when it comes to a point where love has become a part of the interaction, and non of the parts really cant protect themselves from the consequences of their acts...

its a documentary that may disgust most people where the one eyed pea just looks in one direction, whilst the defendant has a more nuanced picture of the whole affair, and isnt allowed to tell her side side of the story because the public has only one consideration of her deeds, thats called indespicable pervertions...

i shall not say whats wrong or not, but i cannot stop myself from imagining them as a kind of couple, and i think that none other than the family of the victim would feel as the purpertrated ones...

do not misunderstand my thoughts, many relationships among ''normals'' shouldve been avoided too, look at all the domestic violence that happens within the realms of a ''normal'' household...

i 'll admit that i got angry by this documentary and its outcome, let this woman free from her deemed excile to do what she does best of all, namely teach thoughts that nobody else dares to ...

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