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Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

Teddiscare: Not what you'd expect, and I don't mean that in a good way or come to mention it a bad


After his father's death, a young man spirals into insanity and childhood nightmares that bring his fears to life. The mind can be deadly, but toys can be killer.


A lot of people who should be embarrassed being part of this including Jeff Kirkendall who is just consistently horrendous in everything he's in.


Let's be clear Polonia Brothers Entertainment is one of the worst purveyors of decent movies out there, these are the guys and girls who brought us such gems as Amityville in Space, Sharkula and Bigfoot vs Zombies. Movies which should at least have novelty value but are so cheap, so poorly made that entertainment is the last thing you'll receieve.

The cover art for Teddiscare suggests a killer bear right? Wrong! It's erm, something else altogether and I most certainly don't mean that in a good way.

Telling the story of a man who becomes a childish simpleton when around plushies, he's inherited land, and er people are being killed off and yeah there's a plot there but it's thinner than my non-existent hairline.

You see Teddiscare is a weird creature on a lot of levels, too stupid to be a horror, too odd to be a comedy, it just doesn't fall in to any logical category. It's like a bunch of friends got a camera, had no money but decided to make a movie regardless and wallah you have Teddiscare.

For some reason I found our man-child oddly wholesome, and that's only reason I gave it as high as 3 stars.

This is a movie for people who like "Trash" cinema, movies that are intentionally bad, no budget nonsense made for laughs not logic.


I have plushies! Yeah I do, final fantasy ones, horror ones, and I think I have a few goofy misc ones like the ugly dolls or whatever they're called. I've always found something very wholesome and endearing about that, if you're an adult and still have plushies don't let anyone tell you it's wrong! Weird? Yes, but wrong no. All the best people are weird hadn't you heard?

The Good

Weirdly likable lead

The Bad.

When the lead isn't likable he's very annoying The movie is unforgivably dumb.

Jeff Kirkendall Sneaky deceptive cover art.

Reviewed by darrenquick 1 / 10

WOW! and not the good wow

This movies is up there with the worst I have seen. It comes a close second too terror at bigfoot pond, another shocker. To call anyone a STAR in this movie is a huge stretch because the "acting" was atrocious. At one stage the "actor" being chased by the guy in the bear suit had to slow down so he could catch up. The plot itself isn't too bad but the movie lacks direction, acting ability and dare I say a budget. The movie wasted a lot of time going over the same ground it had already covered which was very annoying. This movie, even shortened to 30 minutes (which would have made more sense) would still be Too long. Give it a BIG miss guys. There are much much better movies out there.

Reviewed by Otkon 3 / 10

It's both dreadfully bad and oddly endearing.

Like watching a car crash involving people you despise.

The main character is what would happen if Stephen Stills and Joe Walsh merged into one person who regressed into a childlike state when presented with plush toys.

And for being utter garbage of an amateurish movie of totally worthless detritus, it is a very plot-heavy affair. We learn that when it comes to orphans, they will only accept organic stuffed animals. Who knew.

Okay. So for all the horrible acting, and ketchup for blood, and Bill Bailey dressed as a preacher but playing a lawyer, the little shovel , and the red hot chef love subplot, this movie has a message. And that message is: anyone can get their friends and their cellphones together and shot each other doing silly, unstable things in order to get an IMDb credit.

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