Taxi, Trailer and Corrida

1958 [FRENCH]


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Louis de Funès as Maurice Berger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zutterjp48 7 / 10

A good comedy with Louis de Funès.

Before 1958 Louis de Funès has participated in many fils like "La traversée de Paris", "Poisson d'avril", "Ma femme est formidable" or "Mission à Tanger" : there were all short moments of these films. And now André Hunebelle gives him the main character of the story : a taxi driver of Paris who goes on vacation with ahis family and the family of Léon ,his friend. Then we follow the tribulations of these both families and the their encounter with diamond thieves.

Louis de Funès managed to play very well this main role for 86 minutes. And he was accompanied by good actors and actresses: Annette Poivre, Raymond Bussières, Vera Valmont et Paulette Dubost.

Reviewed by tomquick 6 / 10

de Funes in transition

This was not the greatest of films, but it's a good period piece, showing what it was like to be a tourist in late 50's Spain. It's a showcase for some great secondary actors, especially the Keatonesque Raymond Bussieres, and the ever present comediennes Paulette Dubost and Annette Poivre.

What I liked best about the film was seeing Louis de Funes in an early starring role. Many of the sketches are glimpses of things to come. The great mechanic, the smuggled diamond in a Cadillac convertable with a sticking horn, the comic stutterer - all these skits reprise in the Corniaud. And, shades of Rabbi Jacob, the man can dance. It's not pretty, but he sure can dance a mean flamenco.

Reviewed by nicholas.rhodes 5 / 10

Mild Entertainment, good actors, weak plot

The film contains a pleiade of good actors and is fairly lighthearted but the plot is weak to the point of making it quite forgettable once viewed. Louis de Funès incarnates a parisian taxi driver who takes his family off on holiday to southern Spain with a caravan (roulotte in French ) towed behind them, hence the film's title. At the Spanish border there is a customs check ( this was before the EEC was born !! ) and another female traveller slips unbeknowingly a priceless diamond into de Funes' jacket to avoid being caught at customs. Once, they are all in Spain, the lady who is working with some gangsters, obviously tries to get the diamond back from de de Funès family. This turns out to be not as easy as she first thought and all attempts fail ! In the end, de Funès is stopped by the police for speeding and THEY discover the diamond and charge de Funès with trafficking. Of course de Funès denies everything but no-one will believe him. Six months later, released from Prison, he goes back to taxi driving in Paris and one of his first clients is none other than the head of the gang who were pursuing him in Spain ..........

I found the film very artificial as, although most of it takes place in Southern Spain, you hardly ever hear any Spanish spoken, only French, and this sounds completely ridiculous ! But my main beef is with the plot, which is vastly inferior to later de Funès films and leaves one feeling pretty indifferent. Still, there are a few amusing moments ....

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