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Alona Tal as Devon
Bart Johnson as Mark Thompson
William Rubio as Security Guard #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tigress-06218 5 / 10

I Can't Believe There's a Boy-Band Kidnapping Movie

The first time I watched it somehow I came away from it thinking it was unironically good, but I was embarrassed making that claim and rewatching it with a different viewing audience as it's definitely more of the ironically good variety. Still, it's crazy, entertaining, sometimes stupid, and worth a watch with anyone who enjoys bad, campy movies.

It also is quite shocking as it doesn't pull any punches; I guess because it was a DVD release and not on a kids channel. When they kidnap the band members, They REALLY kidnap them, tied down, gagged, the lot. They drug a driver. They steal a car. And there's a scene where a main character attempts to seduce one of the band members; while the actress was overage she truly looked young and the character is a minor in the story.. so yeah. Gross.

Still, it's a unique experience watching an honest-to-god boyband kidnap movie, and I can't imagine not being entertained by watching this. And the film is nostalgic due to the time period; I think they really did capture the intense zeal that teens had for boy band members back when boy bands were still a thing. Oddly enough, this came out in 2007, in a period far removed from the N'Sync/Backstreet phenomena of 1997-2002 and yet far away from the future One Direction craziness of 2011-2014.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

The girls are fun but it's a little too stupid

Devon (Alona Tal) and Gabby (Daniella Monet) are in love with boy band 5 Leo Rise. Lincoln has known Devon forever, but she can't take his constant attention. To get the band to play at the school dance, the girls have gathered a ton of juice labels for a contest. They accidentally burn all the labels and everybody at school starts picking on them. They try to talk to the band but it turns out that they're a bunch of jerks. So they come up with a plan to kidnap the band with the help of the master prankster Lincoln and Pete.

I love Alona Tal. Daniella Monet sometimes comes off as whiny. In this, the two girls make a great best friend duo. They're the only good thing in this movie. The band's acting abilities are limited. The movie is pretty weak. It oscillates between silly and stupid. Silly is fine. Stupid is not. Overall, the movie has some charms but that's mostly due to the girls.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

This film doesn't click

Alona Tal and Daniella Monet are a pair of high school girls who want desperately to vault up the popularity scale at their high school. When their favorite boy band comes to town played by the real Click 5 the girls ask at a record signing for them to play a show at their high school. They get turned down and not too nicely by the guys, most especially by lead singer Eric Dill.

What to do but with aid of a trusted friend Marcus Paulk they arrange a kidnapping of the guys. After being held in a not terribly confining captivity the guys put on a show at the high school. It accomplishes what the girls set out to do.

After that description unless you are a true fan of Click 5 and want to hear them, you'll run from buying this DVD or watching it on television should it be broadcast. The Disney Channel wouldn't have produced something like this.

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