Taken: The Search for Sophie Parker


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 583 583

Top cast

Amy Bailey as Nadia
Julie Benz as Stevie Parker
Raicho Vasilev as Bouncer #2
Alastair Mackenzie as Ambassador Hillman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zonkerjohn 6 / 10

It had its moments, but

First, let's talk about the 'Inspired by a True Story'. It is something that I wish the movie industry would monitor. The simple fact is that just about anything could be based or inspired by a true story. The Brady Bunch could be based on a true story because somewhere out there (many places), somebody with children married somebody else with children.

Jaws was based on a True Story. So, was Shawshank Redemption, A Few Good Men, etc. etc. Only the degree to which these movies are based on a true story varies.

Regarding the movie, it was somewhat intriguing. I cannot say that I not found myself waiting for it to end, which means I liked it somewhat. I was kind of similar to the original 'Taken' with Liam Neison.

The factor I disliked the most was its political correctness. Some people may debate this, but you have a bad ass girl going into a foreign country (Russia, no less) and for the most part dictating to their police force how things were going to go down. I think it was part of the movies' message that thousands of women are trafficked every year, and "we are going to show the world that not only is that wrong, but we will also show them just how tough women can be."

It is certainly tragic what goes on with trafficking. I do not need to reminded through political innuendo that guys are the culprits (we all know that). The message of 'don't mess with women' was too much over the top.

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 5 / 10

Taken: To the extreme

****SPOILERS*** Suposidely based on a true story? this Lifetime version of the movie or movies-there's already three of them and possibly more to follow-"Taken" has pistol packing gun toting momma Stevie Parker, Julie Benz, and her all in leathered, when she off duty as a CIA bodyguard, Nadia,Amy Bialey,take on the entire Russian Mafia who kidnapped her sweet but clueless 17 year old daughter Sophia,Naomi Battrick, and her friend the boy hungry Janie Hillman, Jamma Dallender, to be sold into a lifetime of slavery to an international pedophile ring. The two girls were tricked into sneaking out of the safety of the US Embassy who Jamma's dad-Alastair MacKenzie- is the US Ambassador to the Russian Republic by the cute and cuddly Russian party boy Bobby, Matvey Borushko, to join the party at a nearby Moscow bar-disco. It's there where they were drugged kidnapped and later to be sold into sexual slavery by the Russian Mafia.

Back in NYC tough undercover policewoman Stevie Parker in finding out her daughter Sophie together with Jenie's lives as well as honor are in danger shoots off to Moscow on the first plane out of JFK Airport determined to rescue them with or without the Moscow PD as well as Russian Government's help. It doesn't take long for Stevie to figure out that some, not all, members of the Moscow PD are working with the Russian Mafia in this slave dealing business. Getting in touch with the girls CIA bodyguard Nadia Stevie goes all out to rescue the girls with the threat of being, for sticking their noses where they don't belong, thrown out of the country or even arrested.

***SPOILERS*** It turns out the head of this white slavery ring is Chechnian mobster Sergei Aka Mr. Red, Velislav Pavlov, who's a dead ringer for the now speaker of the house Rep. Paul Ryan; Can they be one and the same persons? It's Mr. Red who's working out the the swank Moscow Kempinski Hotel where he sells off the girls to the highest bidders there from the world of finance entertainment and political corruption. Stevie ends up torturing the truth out of corrupt Moscow cop Makhail, Andrew Bayron, and leaving him with a fully loaded gun, that he somehow doesn't use on her, to blow his brains out before the Russian Mafia does it. Stevie & Nadia are then off to the races in saving Sophie, Janie was rescued earlier in the movie, and smash and put an end to Mr. Red's white slavery operation. Wild and unbelievable final that outdoes any of the "Taken" movies that has to be seen to be believed with Stevie & Nadia out shooting out fighting as well as out smarting the entire Russian mob without as much as getting their fingernails clipped or hair mussed up: But still as entertaining as hell that keeps you from tiring off the movie just to see how ridicules it is and can get.

P.S Filmed in Bulgaria that substituted for Moscow Russia showed just how smart the Russian Government under Vladimir Putin was in preventing the movie from being filmed there. It would have made the Russian Government as well as Putin the laughing stock of the whole world in seeing just how insane they were in how the film depicted them!

Reviewed by zensixties 1 / 10

You know how the real Taken was kind of ridiculous...well...

I just saw this film on Lifetime. Not only is the title, but practically every single element of the original script of Taken is used in this one. I'm not saying it's without any redeeming qualities whatsoever. It's supposed to be set in Moscow, however the filming location is Sofia, Bulgaria, so if you're not familiar with that part of the world (I am) you probably won't notice the difference.

Where to begin. At the beginning of Sophie's trip to Moscow her mother Stevie asked if she has her passport. Actually for an American to go to Moscow you need more than a passport, you need a visa.

We get the relationship thingy between Stevie (Julie Benz), an FBI agent scared of commitment after her husband died (sound familiar?) and Devlin. Anyway, Sophie and her friend Janie, daughter of the US Ambassador to Russia, arrive and are restricted to the US Embassy, so sneak out for one night on the town, and...wait for it....they are taken. From there the script follows the original Taken pretty much verbatim, except it's Russia, not France, and it's Chechen Mafia (writers obviously threw in that due to the Boston bombing), not Albanian one.

So two women, Stevie, and fellow leather jacket wearing CIA agent find the spotter, Bobby, use cell phones to trace the two abductees, and zero dark thirty their way out of that hellhole. Sound familiar?

At the end it says 46,000 people have been victims of sex trafficking this year. I can guarantee you none of them were the daughter of the US Ambassador to Russia...or any other country for that matter. As with the original, and better but still ridiculous film Taken, abducting American girls on vacation in European countries is not just uncommon, but extremely unlikely, at least for daughters of FBI agents and US Ambassadors.

Finally I'd like to address the marketing strategy "Inspired by a true story". What has been pointed out already is this most likely refers to the fact that somewhere in the world as some time, someone was abducted by sex traffickers....unless they're referring to the Cleveland thing, but Julie Benz isn't quite Charles Ramsey, and definitely not Liam Neeson.

Anyway, it's not a total throw away, as it's worth watching on some level, if only to see a little bit of Sofia, Bulgaria (even though it's supposed to be Moscow). The only thing that would've made this good is if at the end Stevie would end with this line: "I feel like Liam Neeson in Taken".

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