Swiss Army Man


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72% · 210 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72% · 10K ratings
IMDb Rating 6.9/10 10 133739 133.7K


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Paul Dano as Hank
Shane Carruth as Coroner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by devylon-63935 8 / 10

What the f...

.. is actually a very good description of this movie. Like many others I imagined it to be some kind of cast away with a corse for the volleyball but it was suprisingly different. At this point you should know that farting is an essential plot device in this movie and that it is actually used to underline it's statements. If you cant get over this fact don't even watch it, because it is very heavily featured.

I can't help myself fealing kind of weird recommending this movie because it's just plain akward and even uncomfortable to watch at some instances. The cinematography is very good and the metaphoric value every set build has for the story is strongly admirable. After about thirty minutes of runtime I came to appreciate the movie for what it is. A character study and a reflection of human behavior, traditions, norms and values, which is mostly presented through dialogue between the two characters. Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano play they're characters in such an astonishingly believable and sweet way, that you can take them seriously at any time during the movie even though the plot is as ridicoulus as one could imagine. I think this is a piece that many will grow to appreciate after some time and it is definitely going to become a cult classic.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 2 / 10

An abomination that fails with all its ambition

"Swiss Army Man" is a 95-minute full feature film from this year (2016) and it is the first long movie by writers and directors Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan. It is basically a two-man show starring Paul Dano ("There Will Be Blood") and Daniel Radcliffe ("Harry Potter"). The former is stranded on an island and the latter plays a corpse who becomes best friends with Dano's character. But it is never clear at all what is going on inside this film. Is it all a delusion from Dano's character? It seems likely as we see not only him interacting with a corpse, but the corpse even moves and replies back to him. Sounds to me as if Dano's character completely lost his mind on the island and we see the direct effects and consequences. So from that perspective (and from others too), it is actually a somewhat realistic film, but all the filmmakers' ambition when it comes to authenticity is lost quickly because of the way they try to make it entertaining and funny. The jokes are about farting (it is not funny for over 20 minutes the same again and again, even if it may be true biologically), about thinking of your mate's mother when masturbating, about boners and about vomiting into each other's faces and drinking the puke afterward. So yeah, the comedy approach here is high school humor of the worst kind.

And the film also comes short in terms of the dramatic impact it is trying to make. This becomes especially painful to watch when the film is trying to make a difference and teach a lesson when it comes to romance as it ends up drawing the conclusion that if you want romance, then do not fart loudly in public. Yes, it is a very strange movie. If there is anything good about the film, then that it is certainly different and you may never have seen something like it before. But it is as different as it is bad. The two lead actors are fairly solid, but they are also suffering from the script here and it makes them look ridiculous, especially in those scenes in which Dano is playing a girl all of a sudden. It is very easy to recognize that Kwan and Scheinert wanted to launch their full feature film career with a blast here, but their take on storytelling and creative freedom went wrong from start to finish here. This film has nothing on "Cast Away" or "All Is Lost". Instead, you can maybe call this film the little retarded (yes I say that word, no pun intended!) brother of the ones I just mentioned. And finally, a word on the ending. It was supposed to be uplifting and full of free spirit, but the way they worked their way towards it (if there was a way at all) is nothing that made any sense whatsoever. Yes there are a handful ways to discuss this ending or interpret it (was he retarded and never on an island in fact just wandering around the country?), but this is only the case because the film lacks focus and convincing storytelling from start to finish. It can be an achievement to get the audience to discuss your movie/ending, but it is not a success here because the only reason the ending is difficult to understand is because it's all so vague and shoddy from Scheinert and Kwan. A definite contender for worst film of 2016 from what I have seen so far. And I have seen a lot. Stay far, far away from "Swiss Army Man".

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

Could I just go back to being dead?

Hank Thomas (Paul Dano) is stranded on an island and doesn't want to die alone. Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) a corpse washes up on the beach which interrupts Hank's suicide. Hank uses Manny as a boat and makes it to the main land of Northern California where they survive in the woods off of trash. Hank creates a menagerie with the trash and has long conversations about life, love, and relationships with Manny...clearly an extension of himself.

This is another "Emperor has no clothes film" which people say they like to look cool and intellectual. It was painfully boring. I believed the film was (and still could be) extensional as Hank was in the process of killing himself and nothing made any sense. The dialogue was pseudo insightful and certainly not entertaining. More entertaining than the Redford boat film, but not as good as Tom Hanks' island. A mediocre attempt at cute and clever.

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