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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yonhope 2 / 10

Shameful cruelty to humans who might accidentally watch this

The sound is dreadful. The background music drowns out much of the dialog. Gunfire sounds added to the soundtrack leaves the audience wondering if one of the very dumb characters might have said something that could be quoted later. The female star shouts her lines and she manages to irritate the audience when she cries or argues or even when she says nothing. It is the director's fault. The dailies would show that the cast needed to be changed. Keep the fake croc or fake helicopter or fake gunfire but lose the cast. The guy lead is OK but his character is wimpy. He should have been the girl. I generously give this two stars because I think something worse is waiting for me to watch that I could give a one star rating. The CGI monster is adequate. These people will make a movie again if we don't stop them in Oxnard or Point Magu, they could reach Los Angeles and lay eggs.

Reviewed by artemiswantsprey 1 / 10


Let me start by saying I usually like films of this caliber due to the often unintentional comedy. However this film is just boring, plain and simple.

No decent kill scenes, bland and boring score, Shaquile O Neal type acting, large amount of stock footage, horrific CGI croc and several moments of complete silence due to improper sound mixing (a lot of the time you can hear gunshots, but no-one is firing). Most of the time you can't hear the dialogue, except for the Wilhelm screams. This film is as entertaining as colon cancer. If you're suffering from insomnia, I would recommend this film. All others, avoid this cinematic blandness if possible.

Reviewed by kaijueguy 2 / 10

What did they say?

Fist off, I love movies of this ilk. I can handle stilted acting, cheesy special effects and extreme close-up to hide the fact that there isn't a cast of thousands in the crowd. The reason for really low rating is because of the sound mix.

Budget limitations might be an excuse for seeing matte lines or transparent effects. Budget limitations might be an excuse for a lot of reasons but there is no excuse for the sound mix on this movie. Most of the time the dialog is completely inaudible. That might not matter to some, but it's a major distraction. Often the music cues simply stop before the cue is finished. In one sequence near the end of the film where the two principals are obviously having a key discussion, the overdub of machine gun fire is so loud that you can't hear a word that they say.

I was prepared to like this movie. I expected a low-budget film and with that comes the expectations of less than stellar performances and effects. The camera work was fine, the acting okay (from what I could tell from facial expressions), everything that you would expect but somewhere in post production this film was totally destroyed by somebody who thought loud music and gunfire was more important than anything else in the film. At least they could have supplied a subtitle track or a close caption option so the viewer would at least have some way of knowing what the actors are supposed to be saying.

Maybe the scifi channel can pick this up and give it a remix. The people at Asylum productions should be ashamed of themselves.

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