Sune vs. Sune

2018 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 816 816


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KaiOlaf 9 / 10

A real jewel!

I wish I had seen this movie as a child. Although I think I would not have been allowed to watch it with all this toy guns and sacred words...

But the mix of real weird humour, fantasy and deep emotions is outstanding. Sometimes you laugh with or about him, sometimes you real feel with him. And this is wonderful!

Reviewed by plbutterfly 10 / 10

Maybe a kids' movie but I had a great time

Although I am in my 40s I loved it. Sure it was kids' movie, it was predictable but it was funny, it gave me some good laughs I would watch it again and it was far more better than some other movies from Hollywood or Disney productions... I liked the whole of the family.

Reviewed by axel335 2 / 10

Really bad

The new Sune movie is bad. Because it not such awful disasters as the three previous sune-movies. people tends to think the new one is good. It isn't. Its really, really bad.

I don't hate this movie as much as the three previous insults but it sure is not good. Sune is played by a boy that has total lack charisma. Hes mum and dad are totally uninteresting and Sunes mum seems almost there only to look good.

The "jokes" in the movie are flat and pointless. I saw this on a preview screening in Stockholm with my son. The audience was silent through the whole movie even though the theatre was filled with boys and girls in the supposed target age of 8-12 years.

The camera work is okay, the actors are ok, the problem is the script: its simply not funny. I don't laugh one time and so did no no one else.

All in all this movie is a step in the right directions but almost any movie would be when compared to the three earlier dog of movies.

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