Summer Snow



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 335 335


Top cast

Brett Rice as Mr. Jenkins
Matthew Alan as Colton
Cameron Goodman as Julie Benson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdb-25288 4 / 10

What an annoying little girl they found to play this character! UGH!

I caught this towards the end, maybe 20 minutes from the end and midway through that, I just wanted to slap this little girl unto next Tuesday. What an annoying conceited, overbearing little girl. UGH! The faces she pulls! If this one grows up she will live to be really full of herself. I truly honestly sincerely from the bottom of my hate kids with a passion but this one takes the cake! To think the elite baby eaters have missed their chance to make pot roast out of and consume this one. I kid, I kid!

All jokes aside I was so angry at her when I found out she was selling her parents items in the garage sale she made herself and that's when I wanted to hit her. I hated so much, on her the next scene she gets run over by a car and I could not stop laughing with glee and clapping, so happy I was; anyway I have no idea if they kill off her character but I hope so.

Also seeing a grown man cry and seeing a toll free number written in big taking 1/8 of the television screen made me think this is a religious film sure; enough people are randomly start having religious fits and that made me even more angry thinking I could be living peacefully in Utah, if it weren't for those religious freaks who ring your doorbell when you're trying to sleep after a long hard week of non-stop work; now that's one state where murder should be made legal for that very reason, but I digress. I mean a kid... or am I?

4/10 because it is well filmed and I love dandelions. They should have titled it 'dandelions'. From what I watched, the film did not took place in the snow, to be called Summer Snow. I did however see the snow come down in June like Vanessa Williams sings it when I lived in the mountains. Show's over and I have no idea whether the brat croaked or not. For the life of me I will never understand people who enjoy crying and love melodrama! People: you will attract more misery into your lives because that is what you love, in life always brings you what you love and this is the most important spiritual lesson you will ever learn, more than the silliness this film purported to teach you with their Christian mythology.

Reviewed by revaball 10 / 10

Heart warming

Perfect family movie with a a message of hope and love of family!

Reviewed by randall-122-481317 10 / 10

Heart-tugging, fun and family-friendly

Summer Snow is the gripping story of a family devastated by death, but recovering and re-discovering that life is precious and life can still be fulfilling. Hallie, the youngest family member at age eight, is phenomenal, and her character adds a whimsical and sometimes humorous touch to the movie's serious theme as she tries to help everyone around her -- selling Dad's treasured video tapes in a garage sale, using a hair dryer to bake terrible cookies for the neighbor, and selling toothbrushes to raise money for a classmate's dental work.

Taken as a whole, the film is engaging and entertaining, even as it focuses on the major issue. A teenage son and an older daughter both face their own issues, and Dad is at a total loss trying to be both mom and dad. Cast and crew combine to make this a home-run film for families looking for wholesome entertainment with solid family values.

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