Street Law


Action / Drama


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Hayden Christensen as Young John Ryan
Christina Cox as Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10


Of course I had never heard about this 1995 movie titled "Street Law". I happened to stumble upon it by random chance here in 2024, and opted to sit down and watch it, on account of it being a movie that I knew nothing about.

Writer and director Damian Lee put together a rather bland and generic script that was somewhat devoid of anything interesting or extraordinary. And that made sitting through "Street Law" somewhat of a struggle.

The acting performances in "Street Law" were okay. Nothing outstanding or great, mind you, but for a movie such as this, then the acting performances weren't bad. I was only familiar with leading actor Jeff Wincott in this movie.

There were a couple of action scenes that sort of kept the movie afloat. But hardly something memorable. The slow motion fight scenes, however, were just incredibly cringeworthy to sit through.

While I did manage to sit through "Street Law", this was not a movie that made a lasting impression on me. And I bet that come next week, the movie will be gone from my memory. And this is definitely not a movie that will find its way to my screen a second time.

My rating of "Street Law" lands on a very generous four out of ten stars.

Reviewed by destroyerwod 5 / 10

Fights screwed up the movie for me...

This is one of many 90s martial art movies i own, and as i keep my quest to get them all(more or less) it seem the deeper i go and the harder they are to find, the worst they happen to be. I started this "quest" around 4 years ago and naturally after getting every seagal, van damme, lundgren, rothrock and the rest of the more known actors movies, i got to the smaller ones but among them they where good surprise. Billy Blanks made a lot of good ones and the one that interest us today, Jeff Wincott, actually made some pretty good too.

Actually No Exist was one of the first i got 4 years ago, happened to find it in a pawnshop on VHS, and it was pretty decent. Mission of Justice is a VERY GOOD one too. But it seem here, with Street Law, no matter what they tried to do, they just wanted to sink that movie from the get go. The beginning has you wonder "what the hell is happening" and even tough it dosen't last, you may question that choice for a while. Then the stories pick on, and as much as i want to get into it, it seem to be hard to believe that some righteous lawyer would actually do that kind of stuff.

But Jeff is not bad playing the character, there is a couple of good scene of acting i enjoyed, he seem better than your typical low budget martial art movie actor. I could had excuse the scrip and the meltdown of many story arcs it try to accomplish would it had been of why i picked up this movie in the first place... Good Fights. But that was the coffin final nail to me.

They are shot with bad camera angles, terrible slow motions that seem to last all fight long for most of them, not to mention a bunch of them being very short and unnecessary.

Anyway, the movie is not that terrible, its just that its easily forgettable...

Reviewed by christopherchangg 6 / 10

All the martial arts action you want in a movie!

A street wise lawyer deep in debt is forced to repay by participating in illegal martial arts fights. Jeff Wincott exhibits his martial arts skill throughout the entire movie. The story is decent, but being in the martial arts myself, I thought this aspect really delivered.

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