Strangers Kiss



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Top cast

Peter Coyote as Stanley, the Director
Dan Shor as Farris, the Producer
Victoria Tennant as Carol Redding / Betty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mlink-36-9815 4 / 10

gato barbieri

I have not seen the movie. but i recorded the credits music off the tv of gato barbieri. i think they were trying to copy last tango. barbieri created two really nice songs check them out.

Reviewed by Emunah 8 / 10

Interesting quasi-homage to Stanley Kubrick's early career

Its odd why the filmmakers chose, out of all movies, Stanley Kubrick's little known second feature film, "Killer's Kiss", as the basis for this fascinating inside look into the making of a small budget movie, but I'm glad they did, because I'm a big Kubrick admirer, and this is a must for all Kubrick fans.

The movie goes inside the making of the film, but it also features a parallel love story of the lead actors and the lead actress' jealous boyfriend, just like in Kubrick's film.

The ending is a classic one too. In true Kubrick form, the movie ends on a sad, yet interesting note, a total 180 of the film its based on. Also, it ends with the Kubrick-like director character pitching his next movie idea, about a group of people trying to pull off a heist in a casino (as opposed to a racetrack like in Kubrick's classic follow-up, "The Killing").

I loved this movie! Not only was it a fascinating insight into the making of a film, but it was also about what Kubrick was like in his early filmmaking days.

Reviewed by jhaugh 6 / 10

Is this story the making of "Killer's Kiss"?

I first viewed this movie over 15-years ago. I remember hearing then; that the story, about the making of a low budget movie, was based on Stanley Kubrick's effort to make the movie "Killer's Kiss" (1955). That movie starred Irene Kane and Jamie Smith; and was produced by both Stanley Kubrick and Morris Bousel. Watch both motion pictures and see what you think.

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