Story of a Junkie


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by producer-3 4 / 10

Terrible story line, about a terrible subject.

This movie has real drug abuse and bad acting scenes. May be worth showing your suburban kids if they know nothing about heroin abuse. It is a scary and depressing film, and can get very boring.

The VHS edition contains an interview with Lech Kowalski (the director) by Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Studios President). It's on a street corner like he's catching her on the way to the store. It's a very poor addition to this garbage. Gee, I wonder if I should ge the DVD for more exciting additions to this trash.

Kaufman said it was better then "Train Spotting". I would definitely suggests "Train Spotting" rather than this film.

Reviewed by recluse2 8 / 10

Realistic doc

Actually seems to be classified as a fake doc. The staged looking parts were mildly annoying and jarring, but big deal. The spirit of it is all real. And some nice filmmaking, creative photography. We see the real down and out impoverished streets, the total drug neighborhood. The music is raw and primitive. Like the clothing styles too. The filmmakers got very intimate with the characters in the film.

Reviewed by starkweatherfilm 9 / 10

fascinating especially with the commentary

This picture is really great as a timepiece showing soho and the lower east side as it was.

For those of us who spent significant time there there was an ethereal sense of that time and place which Mr. Kowalski has captured wonderfully.

It is not like that anymore.

Mr. Kowalski's commentary was really very informational and the film is actually in many ways more entertaining with the commentary than without.

Spacely is also great portraying but one of many people who are no longer with us due to aids and needles.

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