Stevie Van Zandt: Disciple



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mchl88 8 / 10

An Awesome Documentary

I devoured Steve Van Zandt's autobiography Unrequited Infatuations a number of years ago so I was anxious to see this.

It did not disappoint.

Van Zandt has led an interesting rock and roll life. While he never achieved his "Boss'" success, he can be credited for trading on his name for activism. And though it cost him dearly, he eventually had a second act as an actor in my favorite television show.

The mark of a documentary like this is who they can get to participate by being interviewed. Besides Bruce, there are numerous people who weigh in here. Everyone from Eddie Vedder to Darlene Love and from Paul McCartney to David Chase. That made for an compelling documentary and one I highly recommend.

Reviewed by suss5656 10 / 10


For anyone that is a fan of the subject matter, this is a Must See!!

Even if you're just a Bruce fan, and don't really care about the history, you will find it interesting.

I never really knew that much about Steven Van Zandt, just knew that he was in the E Street band. I had no idea why he left the E Street band, I just thought, at the time, that he was crazy!

This documentary fills in so many blanks, and gives you a newfound respect for Little Steven, Miami Steve, Steven Van Zandt!!

He has accomplished so much and many of us know nothing about it.

Not a slow or boring moment in the nearly two and a half hours.

It was excellent, truly well done and there was tons of surprising information.

Reviewed by nicktusk-95591 10 / 10

Great ! Loved it ! Every second !

I don't read this great review and bias and the fact that I'm a diehard Sopranos fan. But had I never seen the Sopranos I never would've heard of little Steve. I'm a 80s baby but growing up in my garage as a five-year-old kid my dad played the living sh$t out of Bruce Springsteen born in the USA. All that comes back all the nostalgia everything that Steve did in his career even the political stuff with South Africa was very reminiscent and even the sopranos being over 20 years ago it's amazing this guy's career. I don't think there's anybody on planet Earth that has much diversity with longevity of creative talent and abilities. Granted he's not the most successful musician Director or actor out there but the stuff that he's done is like miraculous. Sort of a Forrest Gump type trajectory no pun intended obviously but the life Steve has is just remarkable.

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