State of Consciousness



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Top cast

Emile Hirsch as Stephen
Gaia Scodellaro as Monique
Tatjana Nardone as Alicia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 6 / 10

Okay but nothing more.

State Of Consciousness is an okay thriller to watch once but to rate it with a ten like some other reviewers did that's a bit exaggerated. That's like saying it was the best movie you ever watched and then I can only to conclude you didn't watch much movies. The fans of Emile Hirsch will be happy as he was convincing playing his character. I like him as well. The story has a constant mysterious vibe so you keep wondering what is going on, what is the real truth, so yes it was entertaining. But in the end it's just okay, not a movie I will remember by next week. That's the reason I rate everything I watch, to make sure I don't rewatch a movie that I scored lower than a seven.

Reviewed by donniegenius 10 / 10

A low budget, psychedelic thrill ride with giallo vibes

If that headline grabbed you to you, then this is very likely a movie you will enjoy. I went into this with low expectations and soon found myself sucked all the way in.

The story is set on the Texas/Mexico border, but seems like most of it was shot in Italy.. with a mostly Italian cast... One prominent character is dubbed...Half of the time we are in a small, dusty Southwest town and the other half is spent in a mental institution.

It's not a Spaghetti Western or a giallo exactly, but it certainly has that vibe... and that's a vibe I really dig. There are also elements here from the psychological noir, sci-fi, horror, crime and thriller genres... not a blend you see everyday.

Emile Hirsch is terrific in this, the best I've ever seen him in a low budget movie. He's quite likable and surprisingly funny.

The sense of humor, in the screenplay and in Emile's performance, really elevate this and made it a very fun watch for me and my wife.

Tatjana Nardone is also a standout. I hadn't seen her in anything before but I'm sure that will change. The script is full of good twists and reveals that we didn't see coming. And it builds and builds to a really fun third act and finale.

So if you're in the mood for a low-fi, Memento-style mindbender with a sense of humor, then look no further!

Reviewed by danieljfarthing 7 / 10

Watchable low-budget psychological thriller with twists & turns aplenty

With their twists & turns writers Guillame Tunzini, Dikran Ornekian & Ryeland Grant make "State Of Conciousness" a decent psychological thriller. On being convicted (wrongly?) of murder, Emile Hirsch (not at his best - but ok) is sent to Dr Kesia Elwin's experimental facility for rehabilitation, before release back to gf Tatjana Nardone. But haunted by nightmares, hallucinations & flashbacks (some clearly not real... but some, well maybe?) he fights to uncover the truth about his treatment & his past. A bigger budget and better director than debutant Marcus Stokes could have injected more tension & polish into this good solid material, but still, it's watchable fare.

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