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Jessica Paré as Tina Menzhal
Dan Aykroyd as Barry Levine
Frank Langella as Blaine De Castillon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pavfec 5 / 10

A bit boring and long

I also thought that Stardom was interesting, before seeing it, that is. It starts off with some funny moments, but runs too long. You don't really get into the characters so you end up not caring what happens to them. The performances were good, but the whole movie was just all over the place. Definite rental only.

Reviewed by Raleon 5 / 10

Not your usual Denys Arcades

This was the first Denys Arcandes movie I've seen, however I never realized it was his work when I first watched it. I've always heard such great stuff about his movies, I had to wonder why I never heard anything about this one. Now I know why. Most of his work is thoughful and leads others to think, as well as being very entertaining to watch through their standard type comedy which everyone can relate to and their (often) dramatic storylines. This movie was just a simple comedy with noting to it. The story wasn't up to his standard and all in all it was pretty boring.

So if you're interested in Denys Arcandes at all, then good. Watch Jesus of Montreal or the Decline of the American Empire, or his best so far- the Barbarian Invasions, but if you watch this one don't hold it against him.

Reviewed by planktonrules 7 / 10

Plumming the depths of shallowness and banality.

This film is about the shallowness of celebrity life--in particular, that of a fictional super-model, Tina (Jessica Paré). When the film begins, she appears to be a bright and decent Canadian girl. However, after becoming a super-model, you notice throughout the course of the film that she's becoming more and more shallow as well as more and more selfish--and ultimately, a lady who is simply famous for being famous (not that there are any other celebrities like this these days!!). It's easy to see why, as those around her have only nanometers of depth. It's a world of sycophants and untalented jerks. Now this makes the film a bit of a hard sell. After all, being so incredibly shallow, I could easily see viewers turned off by the whole thing. Yes, it is an insightful parody--but being bathed in shallowness, some might have a very difficult time sticking with it to the end. I know as I sat watching, my wife completely tuned out after a while--as I sat and laughed as a few scenes here and there. But, even after a while, it did seem a tad too much--as it IS difficult to give a darn about anyone--which, actually, is the point! If the film had been a bit shorter, it might have played a bit better. The character featured in this parody is like a combination of the Kardashians, the Hiltons and Naomi Campbell--hard to ignore but way too overexposed.

Some things to look for in the film: the obligatory heroin use, Jerry Springer-like shows, Canadians frequently being referred to as 'American', some hilarious comments about the UN and a report about terrorists slashing the throats of over 400--which is interrupted because Tina is in the emergency room!! By the way in the film Tina doesn't speak or understand French--in reality, Jessica Paré is apparently fluent.

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