Star Pilot

1966 [ITALIAN]

Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.3/10 10 617 617

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bezenby 5 / 10

Gets better as it gets stupider

By the way, Gordon Mitchell is in this for about a minute, tops.

This one kind of starts off like They Came From Beyond Space, what with a group of scientists investigating an area in Sardinia where nothing grows due to radiation or something. Along for the ride are the elderly professor, his daughter the broad, and some other guys. The Chinese are in on things too as the bad guys, so everyone is surprised when the patch of lands houses a UFO, everyone is captured and forced to work for the aliens. Wait, the leader is 'a woman?'.

So you've got a serious prof and his acolytes, his ditzy daughter with her nice arse and bad acting, and everyone ends up heading out into space and you'll be glad of that because most of what happens beforehand is really boring. This film is saved by the cast heading out into space, because that's when the rules get thrown out of the window.

Not only is our broad 'forced' to wear the female leader's costumes, but vice versa happens as our aliens learn 'love' while exploring the cosmos while our enemy, the two Chinese guys, are attacked by a bunch of monkeys on some bizarre planet and never mentioned again.

There's other revelations, and a pretty abrupt ending, and so much crap randomness that I can't help but like this film more than I should. I thought I would hate it but things pick up about halfway through.

Reviewed by Vigilante-407 5 / 10

A strange little Italian space opera

This film reminded me a little of Mission Stardust in reverse...the aliens land on our planet instead of what happened in that movie. While fairly coherent, the movie doesn't really know where it's going, as a lot of Italian SF movies didn't in that era.

I'm still trying to figure out what the heck the secret agents were doing in the movie (and please remember, they're "Oriental, not Chinese"). Once the spaceship gets off the ground, we're treated to a lot of stock footage from Toho's Gorath, as a number of space stations and satellites try to pretend they are the starforces of Hydra. Then there's the time travel thing, and the female characters' need to wear fishnet bodystockings with leather or feather bikinis (obviously either an aside to the popularity of the fashions of Barbarella or just standard wear in Italian space operas...lord knows I've seen at least four other movies where leather was the material of choice for spacesuits). And then there's the need for spacehelmets when venturing onto a new planet, but two people can cross the cold void of space between two ships in what amounted to a snorkel and leather.

To me, 2:5: Mission Hydra reminded me a lot of They Came From Beyond Space or the Terrornauts or similar British features made in the mid-sixties...not bad, but not necessarily well thought out.

Reviewed by lemon_magic 3 / 10

Charming and somehow innocent in its incoherence

Sometimes a movie is so silly and retarded and inept that you can't help liking it in spite of its many deficiencies.

Watching "2 + 5", I can only imagine that the director saw a couple of American science fiction classics like "Forbidden Planet" and "The Thing", and was so thrilled that he immediately went off to make films just like them.The problem was, he had no idea of the time and talent and effort that went into those productions, and he just slapped a bunch of story ideas and stock footage together, expecting the magic of film to somehow inject quality into the end-product. Instead, the results resemble what you'd get if a bunch of precocious 3rd graders put on a musical pageant based on "Planet Of The Apes".

One of the cheesiest (if enjoyable) aspects of the production is the young woman who plays the part of the ingénue; she wears an amazing variety of alarming and distracting outfits that seem calculated to completely destroy the composition of any shot she appears in. Seriously. The other actors and actresses will be emoting away, and she will walk in and totally disrupt any atmosphere or mood the scene or shot might have by gadding about in some runway outfit complete with violent decals, eye-searing stripes, go-go boots, fringes,spandex and feathers. Sometimes the camera even follows her while the other poor saps are still carrying on the actual plot-driving dialog. The running joke among the group of people I watched this with was, "For 10 points: guess which cast member slept with the producer or director (or both)?!"

Also of note is a drunken walk of a plot, which starts out as an mystery, veers into an story of international intrigue and conflict (with the "2" part of the "2+5" cast,who are "Oriental, not Chinese!"), mutates into an alien abduction scenario a la "This Island Earth", and then decides it's a time travel paradox story resulting in an "Cosmic Adam And Eve" resolution that wasn't really justified by anything that came before it. And some really badly translated and dubbed dialog. Half the time I wondered if the voice actors doing the dubbing were actually reading the English phonetically, with no real idea of what they were saying.

But as I said...there is just something so innocent about the whole mess that I can't help but like it. A little, anyway. This is a "movie" in the same way that your kid's refrigerator art is a "painting." Nothing here resembles a mature, competent product, but you end up being somewhat fond of it.

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