Stalked by My Neighbor


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.2/10 10 1626 1.6K


Top cast

Amy Pietz as Andrea Allen
Katrina Norman as Kristen Chambers
Kelcie Stranahan as Jodi Allen
Kelly Packard as Lisa Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mehki_Girl 5 / 10

Run of the Mill

This was kind of silly, but I kept watching to see what would happen. Girl gets raped in home invasion while on video call. Mom sees the whole thing but can't stop it.

They move to a "nice" neighborhood where crime never happens. Yeah, right. We end up with peeping, stalking, extra material stairs, underaged sex, illegal commerce, boosting cars, and murder. So much for "nice" neighborhoods.

Anyway I think the title refers to our protagonist as she seems to be the only one stalking her neighbors.

Pretty predictable, but you could do worst during the pandemic.

The one sour note for me is she's ready to blame a neighbor for murder, who is pretty much a thug (he's selling stolen car parts), but the minute he tells her he likes her, she does a 180.

Really? Is that so it takes? Some cute guy, says I like you and the female brain turns to mush?

Who writes this stuff???

Reviewed by mscoachj 5 / 10

The acting is pretty bad

I like the premise of the movie and I was really looking forward to watching it but holy moly the acting of the women are really bad and it's just fitting for a 5.2 or so. And if she is so afraid from her attack then how in the world is she so bold to run around following people into the woods it just doesn't make any sense. It had potential but they just couldn't get it there. If you're bored then it's worth watching. I'm actually just trying to make this long enough so I can submit it. I don't understand why it has to be so dang long ha ha I said what I had to say and now I'm just saying extra words to make it long.

Reviewed by sharilyn00 4 / 10

This movie was stupid

Seriously, the writers had it all wrong! The "victim" was the one doing the stalking--filming neighbors with her camera w/o permission, following people, breaking into houses, etc. And a teenager who was supposedly traumatized from being raped only 3 mos. before was the one doing all this? The father of her boyfriend came on scene toward the end-who was supposedly out of town-yet he knew who she was even tho they'd never met. And the premise she used to get into the killer's house was ridiculous-I mean she lived across the street and needed to use HIS bathroom to fix her contact?? The killer's accomplice had a key yet she climbed over his wall/fence to enter his home using thus key? Give me a break. I mean it was ridiculous and very predictable. Not a very good movie at all. Waste of two hours.

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