Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal - Babak Pertama


Biography / Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ibenimages 7 / 10

Starts Bright, Slow Plot, Unrealized Potential

The movie started really great. I was hooked from the first few minutes. As the acts were superb. Especially who acted as Teguh and Gepeng.

My excitement raised. I was eagerly waiting for what next.

But after the first stage show when Gepeng bursted into the frame, everything went downhill.

The plot was too slow. The comedy was not really funny and clever. It was kind of disjointed segments, trying to tell story of each character, but in no coherent and engaging way.

If it moved faster with much better editing and focuses on real big plot, then it could've one of the great biopic Indonesian movies have ever made.

The cinematic was actually great. The set, the prop and the costumes were spot on. Harks the golden era of 70-80s. And love the scene where Pak Harto and Bu Tien appeared.

At start of the movie, I was wondering why movie this good wasn't much appreciate. However, after watching until the end, I could understand if Babak Kedua (the sequel) would never been made.

Reviewed by MichaelNontonMulu 8 / 10

A Nice Biopic of the Legendary Srimulat Group

At first I thought this movie was just another remake of the various famous Indonesian comedy icons. So I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually more like a biopic of the Srimulat group from their early years.

What I loved the most in here was definitely the exceptional performance of majority of the cast who managed to make us believe they were the real Srimulat members, not only through their posture likeness but also through their body language, facial expressions and the way they spoke.

It was made even better by the trademark slapstick jokes that we loved, as they certainly brought back a lot of fond memories of our childhood years. Though this movie might be more challenging to be enjoyed by the new generations who were not familiar with them, it certainly would be much appreciated by those who have known them before like me and my wife. Still it is a wonderful tribute to the beloved & legendary Srimulat and we could not wait for the second part.

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Reviewed by pasaribuharisfadli 6 / 10

Decent, but that's it.

We can feel the passion, whether it's behind or in front of the camera. A nice reintroduction effort of the Indonesian legendary comedy troupe. While entertaining and quite amusing, the film struggles in balancing its dramatic and comedic tone or conveying a clearer narrative since it's deploying more fragmented storytelling instead of a straightforward one.

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