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Biography / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78% · 9 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7.6/10 10 8298 8.3K

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Rajkummar Rao as Srikanth Bolla
Alaya F as Swathi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by priyankpassey 8 / 10

An Inspiring & Heartwarming Journey with 'Srikanth

Passey Reviews ??

'Srikanth' is like a beacon of inspiration on the big screen, thanks to director Tushar Hiranandani's masterful storytelling. He brings Srikanth Bolla's exceptional and mind-blowing journey to life with such authenticity that you can't help but be moved! ?

Right from the start, the film hooks you with its gripping screenplay, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. But these tears? They're tears of triumph, not sadness. Hats off to the director and the cast for making the viewers feel every emotion so deeply! ?

Rajkummar Rao steals the show with his incredible performance, showcasing his versatility once again. Playing a blind character isn't easy, but he nails it, reminding us of his brilliance in 'Trapped' and 'CityLights'. Jyotika is a powerhouse of talent, adding layers of depth to her character effortlessly. And not to forget Sharad Kelkar and Alaya F, they shine in their roles too! ?

'Srikanth' isn't just a movie, it's a reminder to dream big and never give up. If Srikanth can do it, so can we! So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be inspired. This one's a sure shot winner!?

Reviewed by PANDIAN120621 9 / 10

Be good & Do good...!!!

Born in small village in Andhra Pradesh to understand poverty parents, who was about to get buried alive by his father because of being born blind, Srikanth is the story of a visually impaired child by birth who with his firm belief in himself and God gifted super intelligence breaks all barriers and hurdles to obtain a degree from MIT, Boston United States and comes back to India and at present runs a private company manufacturing recycled paper worth more than INR 100 crores turnover...

In his journey towards his success he his aided by his teacher Devika (portrayed by Jyotika) and business partner Ravi (portrayed Sharad Kelkar) who are there with him like his pillar of strength and play their role convincingly. In his college days Srikanth comes across, the late Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam Azad who thinks Srikanth has great potential and in front of whom Srikanth proudly says that he wants to be the first visually impaired President of India. Another notable incident in his life comes when he returns his award of 'Business Excellence' because he gets nominated in special category...

On the stage he firmly says that he would not accept the award on the basis of any special category. He would only accept the award if he is nominated with the rest of the nominees in the general category. It is Srikanth's confidence which help him build his business empire called Bollant Industries...

Kudos to the director of the movie, Tushar Hiranandani for making a movie on such a profound subject. The movie is captivating with the mind-blowing performances by the starcast, intense dialogues and screenplay, and the rendition of the very apt song 'Papa kehtay hain bada naam karega' (remixed from the original movie, Aamir Khan's QSQT) which plays in the background most of the times in the first and the second half of the movie...

Rajkumar Rao justifies the role in more than many ways and his dialogue delivery along with his nuances get you to smile through and through. He is just BRILLIANT!!

Sharad Kelkar and Jyothika are perfect in their supporting roles. The rest also value add in their own way in redefining the movie...

People like Srikanth are not only an inspiration to those with special needs but more to us. It's we who need to learn from them and look at them as one of our own. The movie is a wonderfully told tale of grit and determination and successfully goes on to establish one more important point- people with special needs do not need our sympathy. They need a fair chance, that's all that is there.

Overall Srikant 2024" is more than just a movie; it's a cinematic tour de force that leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it. With its compelling story, stellar performances, and technical brilliance, it rightfully earns its place among the greatest films of all time...

Reviewed by Biswas_ 8 / 10

Could have been brilliant if ....

This is a really nice film but falls way short of being a brilliant one .

The film traces the journey of Shrikanth Bolla, who is a blind person but with superb grit and vigour in him . He is a person not interested in getting sympathy for his disability . He is a person who believes he can do everything.

Rajkumar Rao as Srikanth is terrific. He completely gets into the character of Srikanth and gives an authentic and natural performance. Some of his dialogues can make you laugh while some while make you emotional. The good thing about the film is that it doesn't get boring anytime thanks to an interesting narrative style and some amazing moments of Srikanth .

Jyothika , just coming out of a terrific performance in Shaitaan , shines even further in this film as Srikanth's guardian . Her character gets to portray a greater range than in Shaitaan . Sharad Kelkar too does a good job while the others have also done a fabulous job (atleast Aleya F gets a better role here than her previous horrendous outing BMCM).

However , there are problems. In an attempt to keep the film to just 2hr 15 mins, the makers have hastily skimmed through all chapters of Srikanth's life . They don't allow any sequence or scene to settle in your mind properly . Due to this, the film won't actually leave a lasting impact on you . I almost felt I was just watching the highlights of Srikanth's life .

The second half dips as well when Srikanth gets involved in politics . All those parts felt a bit half baked . Nevertheless, the film revives itself in the climax . In fact many things in this film is treated in a way too generic manner , almost showing Srikanth ending up winning in every place .

The song PAPA KEHTE HAI works so well in the film . Remaining songs are okayish and only present only to serve the romantic purpose of Srikanth .

Overall, this is a good film and you can easily watch it in theatres.

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