Something in the Water


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33% · 6 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 4.0/10 10 863 863

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Lauren Lyle as Lizzie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cjonesas 5 / 10

Unless you fly or are invincible, metric tons of salty and fresh H2O are bad for you

A sad, incomplete, generic, gripping and semi-entertaining shark-the-hated-species production with LGB-woke themes that is not made horrificly bad.

It is not awful, as always has very strong illogical points and "needed" to be done best as a 6-part series with different people and very different outcomes as the number of victims.

As long as they stick to the old formula with increasing low budgets, they won't be successful.

The acting and the emotions were quite good for such a movie, nothing to complain about, the sharks looked like bull sharks which are very aggressive and opportunistic, even in the middle of the ocean and the result of course not bright. None of them would have survived, especially Meg and the duo that trailed her with turbo fins and tails.

In shark movies, I'm never satisfied, never root for any shark and wonder what if orcas came to the rescue. Never saw that in any entertainment and would very much like to watch a thriller with the trio humans-sharks-orcas with completely unpredictable outcomes.

  • Screenplay/storyline/plots: 4
  • Production value/impact: 5.5
  • Development: 6
  • Realism: 6.5
  • Entertainment: 6
  • Acting: 6
  • Filming/photography/cinematography: 7
  • VFX: 6.5
  • Music/score/sound: 4.5
  • Depth: 4
  • Logic: 1.5
  • Flow: 4.5
  • Thriller/drama: 4.5
  • Ending: 4.

Reviewed by agfw-282-778003 4 / 10

Here we go again

Surly if your a film maker you would have watched other films of this ilk. Either because you like those sort of movies and it inspired you to try something different or you've done some research by watching or reading stories about being stranded with sharks. But alas it's the same old trope.

To be honest, it's fairly limited using this sub-genre. But with some clever thinking you could add some twists or tricks and you could make it a bit more interesting. For example they did have some basic equipment that they could have used in a clever way, but it is quickly forgotten and never mentioned or used again.

The research on the behaviour of sharks is wholly inadequate and inaccurate. Again, with a bit of thinking you could have applied real world experiences and observations in to the story, but nothing.

This movie ended up being a bit of a.

Reviewed by destiny_west 4 / 10

Global warming, tick, diversity, tick..

There have been very few and far between good shark films. Let's face it, everyone wishes they made Jaws. But here I was sitting down to watch another, hoping at least someone would get eaten this time, unlike The Reef 2. Right from the start this film is filled with stuff that seems very unnecessary. We get it, you are trying to have character development, but for me, it was just like reading the food menu for the shark. When it came to the funding they read the quota list and ticked every box twice, let's mention global warming, rubbish in the ocean, make our lead characters lesbians, etc.. etc.. There is nothing wrong with making a film diverse, but when you are so blatant to the point that you are checking boxes it does have you on the side of the shark. Who is going to get killed first? It was like the Spice Girls on vacation. The acting was over the top, camera work was shaky. It was good to see the kills, I thought the whole bride friend sacrificing her own life was a bit ridiculous, they hadn't been at sea for days. It was like a case of The floating piece of ship from the Titanic and rose again. I am sure they could have somehow got the life vest around them both for support. Not the best shark movie, not the worst from the past few years. Far better than The Reef 2 and Requiem.

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