Society of the Snow: Who Were We on the Mountain?

2024 [SPANISH]

Action / Documentary

IMDb Rating 7.2/10 10 642 642


Top cast

J.A. Bayona as Self - Director
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

If you happy and you know it ...

Snow your hands? Well no pun intended - I think for short movies the amount of words or rather letters should be less than for feature length movies. But that aside, this making of (which I just called a short movie - no pun intended or offense meant here either) is really well done and shows the real people who played ... well real people.

The actors really wanted to be in the movie and you can tell by their reactions! Not sure if they knew what they would get themselves into ... but I understand that the very compelling story really made them wish they could be a part of this ... and the Oscar nomination proved them right I reckon. Also the final product - I think even if you didn't know this was nominated for stuff you could tell it was very well made.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by raami-bar 7 / 10

Good but too short

It was too short. It almost felt like a trailer for something longer. I'd have loved to see more behind the scenes of the SFX. I would also have loved to watch some casting videos or the process of the casting team (amazingly done by Iair Said and Maria Laura Berch) reviewing the photos/videos to know what they were taking into account. Also, a lot of the actors didn't even appear. I feel like even the ones who had 1 scene (and didn't even had dialogue) are important because they were playing real people and there's still family of the deceased expecting to see them on the screen, It's a huge commitment. Example of this is that Felipe Maquirriain's sister is on this, talking with Roberto Canessa, and her brother died at the plane crash and has only a few seconds on the screen in the movie.

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