So My Grandma's a Lesbian!

2019 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy

Top cast

Pol Monen as Said
Maria Caballero as Salima
Mónica López as Natasha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kruiwagen2000 4 / 10

Confusing rom-com devolves into chaos

I wanted to like this movie. Who doesn't want a heart-warming story about two grandmothers who have loved each other their whole lives and get married in their seventies? There are so many plot-holes in this story I had trouble getting through this short movie whithout turning it off.

  • Of course, a movie must have some conflict to move the story forward, but the source of the conflict is very confusing to me. One granny's granddaughter, the other granny's son and an open-minded priest are SO VERY against this marriage that they keep saying they shouldn't marry, and it escapes me why? The only source of conflict is that they say "the village won't accept it". This is never shown by the way, so we just have to take their word for it. Is Spain really this small-minded towards lesbian grandmothers that because "the villagers" will not understand it, two 70-year old best friends can't marry?
  • By the way, what is never even questioned is the multiple relationships between other nationalities, a son who converts to islam, changes his name and turns up to introduce everyone to his muslim wife (who never wears a hijab except in the first scene by the way). Also suddenly a congolese man shows up in the last 10 minutes who is apparently dating the mother. All this seems perfectly normal to everyone, so apparently it's only the 70-year old lesbians that are not acceptable?
  • Also, the subplot about the girl marrying a Scottish man with bigoted parents goes nowhere and from the first minute it's obvious what's going to happen.
  • Do you really not recognize a man you knew your whole life up till 9 years ago when you shared a passionate kiss, just because his hair is a little longer? Also, they do a classic "She's all that" because once the guy cuts off just a little bit of hair and does a little less gorilla-impressions he is suddenly the man of her dreams? I'm exagerating a little, but I was just annoyed with how much this movie is underestimating it's audience.

So many things I found annoyingly un-credible. They could have made an interesting rom-com if they really had focused on the very Christian town being against a gay marriage, (which is legal in Spain since 2005 by the way) and the pope saying "who am I to judge gay people" (which he said in 2013), but this subplot is never really worked out. It just devolves into a screaming chaotic mess that gave me migraines, after which the whole story is wrapped up in the blink of an eye, and everybody apparently lived happily ever after.

Reviewed by athinagk 3 / 10

Confusing and surprisingly (disappointingly) straight

My girlfriend and I had been wanting to watch this movie for some time, since we're lesbians that love representation, so we were very excited. We ended up severely disappointed.

So many plot holes. Sub-plots that made no sense, nor contributed anything. Characters that were pointless. Drama that happened out of nowhere and was resolved just as fast, without any sort of explanation.

The only thing we liked were the lesbian grandmas, who ended up being side-characters in their own movie, which ended up focusing on selfish and messy characters. Very disappointing.

Reviewed by wisewebwoman 5 / 10

Scenery is beautiful

And most of the cast convincing apart from the one who played Celia, a grotesque performance, way over the top.

Also the main character, a lawyer is utterly wrong for the role and her evolution as a more caring person never believable.

That and along with the son of one of the main characters who goes through a transformative evolution at the speed of a bullet.

Too much slapstick and faux snobbery and a couple of other characters (the supposedly gay grandson marries a Muslim woman?) as filler with no purpose, much shouty bits and slapstick add up to an over the top movie which should have been a whole pile better.

The dialogue races and with subtitles it's hard to follow but overall not missing much.

I'd like more movies about old women but this would never be part of my collection. 5/10

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