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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10

A taut, psychological thriller with clever, unpredictable twists (just kidding).

German independent horror Slasher is as uninspired as its title: a group of twenty-somethings drive to the countryside for a few days of fun and are systematically killed by a hulking maniac in a mask (wielding a chainsaw, natch!). This total dearth of originality mightn't be so bad if it wasn't for the lack of decent scares and virtually no explicit gore (something that I have come to expect from low-budget German horror movies).

Fortunately, director Frank W. Montag is well aware of the importance of gratuitous female nudity in the genre and sees fit to fill his film with attractive women who are only too willing to strip in the name of art; the frequent T&A helps, but even with lots of skin on display, the film is extremely tough going at times.

After much screaming and aimless running through woods pursued by the killer, the final girl successfully fights back in true slasher fashion, after which Montag throws in a twist that I completely failed to understand; then again, I was really struggling to stay awake by this time and may have missed something that might have helped it make sense.

2.5 out of 10, rounded up to 3 for tasty blonde Maja Makowski as feisty mädchen Maya, who gobbles a guy's bratwurst while he is driving, strips off for some topless swimming, and has sex in a tent (cowgirl and doggy style).

Reviewed by DarkMessias 4 / 10

it start okay but...

well it start as a typical Slasher Movie, Teenager, Sex, Drugs, a Killer... This could be a good trashy Horror Movie but the second half destroys a lot. There was at first the "more than 24 Hours hunt" in a wood that seems very small cause the Killer every time founds Erin after she ran hours in another way than he. But more than this the Plottwist was crap, well intentioned but crap.


derrie357 was wrong when he say "Next morning - HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD - turns out that she was a killer in some subplot that I didn't really catch, or really care for.... but it turns out that she killed four people and they had to be five... and Danni should be the fifth. She kills him in the ambulance and leaves. Now what I don't get is if she wanted to kill him why save him in the first place????"

Erin killed 4 Girlfriends cause they don't fit with the perfect Life that she want.At last she entice a man into the house and try to kill him and make it looks like he was the killer. But he survived, he was the masked killer who hunt her and he was her 5th victim. She talks to herself this story and her friend awake an here it, that was the reason that she finally killed him.

Well there a 3 Points why this Twist isn't good for the Movie:

1. It has and creates a lot of Plot Holes, If the killer was a typical Psycho it makes sense but when he kills cause he want revenge why he kills the couples at the beginning or Erins Friends? The Policer say the attack makes him Psycho but that makes all more worry. And why the police found no Traces that Erin killed the Girls? And she has left traces, when she killed her friend you coul see thaht she isn't very professional. She remove his breathmask and suffocate him with a towel, she removed his bandage an put her fingers in his wound, he try to defend that make a little bit of Noise, two policers are DIRECTLY outside the ambulance and the backdoor was open but nobody hears anything. The Nurse closed the door after Erin left, but she don't see his mask was removed, she don't se his badage was removed and im shure nobody will search any Fingerprints. This Reminds me of American Psycho 2

2. A plot twist need some Scenes they will, after you see the twist, make a complete new sense. Like on The sixth sense, Bruce Willes meets his wife in the restaurant, she want talk to him and it seems there are problems in there relationship. After the twist you know she didn't see him cause he was Dead. This Scenes completely turn around a story and you see the film with other eyes. But in Slasher there are no points like this, only the header a little bit but not enough. Tey make the opposite and make the whole Character of Erin so there is no allotion that she was Psycho. It makes no difference in the main Part of the movie if you know the twist or not, the Twist was like a Foreign in the movie.

3. This is the most important Point: It degrade the Killer. The most important Point in all Slasher or Terrormovies is the killer. Michael, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Jigsaw. In all there movies they are the "Stars" They must be over styled, seems like Invincible and not to stop. But the Twist turned Erin as the true Evil. The Problem is, so the they put the Spotlight away from the Killer, turn him a little bit to the victim and set it on Erin but she was the most Time, screaming and hunted, not hunting. So they ruined both Killers and has no "Superkiller", no "Star" that stay in the mind of the Viewers.

!!!!!!!!!Spoiler End!!!!!!!

Reviewed by kosmasp 3 / 10

Slashing and bashing

This is way low budget - non actors trying their best to enrich the movie. You can't really blame them. They seem nice enough, even if they can't really act. But the movie itself is to blame overall. Not so much so nice ideas the script had, but the cinematography, the framing, the directing. A chase scenes through the woods is only merely saved by the music.

One of the few better things about the movie. The end twist will either annoy you or you'll find it amusing. Whatever the case, the movie is not really a good one. But I also have seen worse. Still so many movies to watch, why pick this? That I can't answer - unless you are so into Slasher movies (even the "self aware" ones like this, with little redeeming factors) ... that you just have to

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