Sixteen Candles


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81% · 43 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85% · 250K ratings
IMDb Rating 7.0/10 10 127654 127.7K


Top cast

Jami Gertz as Robin
Joan Cusack as Geek Girl #1
John Cusack as Bryce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smakawhat 8 / 10

Now we're both on the pill!

I had to write about this film after seeing the last 10 minutes of it on TV last night. I didn't miss much after all cause I had seen the film countless times when I was younger. Man I remember how much I enjoyed it. This has to be the most 80's character driven film about high school I have ever seen. It is just plain out stupid funny and heartwarming.

While Breakfast Club tries to handle the seriousness of social peers, and Ferris Beuller just solidifies the ultimate 80's experience with some great performances and total hip coolness, Sixteen Candles is just a crazy fun romp through the perils of being a teenager.

Ringwald is at her prime as the overburdened teenager, and Michael Hall is at his greatest as the ultimate schemer-geek. The party aftermath always cracks me up everytime I see it, plus so many more things.

Also, there's a scene where the geek gets unloaded out of the trunk of a car, and i SWEAR it's not a human person but a dummy cause the guy does not move but stands like a broomstick.. It's just one of those bizarre movie qwerks I wish someone could explain to me. And who can forget those alligator shirts.... I laugh now at the way everyone and the bands look in these 80's movies.

Alas it seems, Hall and Ringwald got stuck in stereotyped roles that they never seemed to shed or outgrew them as they became adults, which is to bad cause Ringwald, and particularly Hall's comedic sense of timing in this film is just amazing.

Rating 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by TOMASBBloodhound 9 / 10

A difficult kiss.

The final shot of this film can in some ways mirror the difficulties of adolescence. We see Molly Ringwald finally getting to kiss the boy she's been after since the film's outset. However this kiss doesn't look like it would have been particularly easy for the actors to pull off. Both Ringwald and Shoeffling are sitting "Indian-style" on a tabletop facing one another. They both have to lean forward presumably using their wrists for leverage while their lips meet over the flaming candles on her birthday cake. A difficult kiss, indeed.

Sixteen Candles is one of the best films John Hughes gave us in the 1980s. The young cast full of so many extraordinary talents gives us one memorable scene after another. Anthony Michael Hall is particularly effective as the leader of the nerdiest students on campus. Listen to his voice crack as he reads many of his lines, and try not to laugh. Good luck! The plot, as many of us know, centers around a young girl (Ringwald) whose parents forget about her sixteenth birthday in the midst of the chaos surrounding her older sister's wedding. At the same time she tries to win the affection of the most popular guy in school who happens to be dating the most beautiful girl in school. Ah, the trials and tribulations of high school.

The film is well-paced, never drags, and has its characters pegged pretty well. The obnoxious grandparents are particularly well-drawn. Of course things are eventually resolved in a manner that could never possibly happen in real life, but that's why we go to the movies.

I miss those destructive house parties!!! 9 of 10 stars.

The Hound.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10

Beginning of a golden age of teen movies

Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald) is turning 16 and nobody remembers. Everybody is busy dealing with her sister's wedding. Everybody is freakishly embarrassing. Her grandmother feels up her boobs. They bring a weird exchange student Long Duc Dong. (Let's face it. That was racist even at that time.) She's infatuated with the attractive Jake. There's a dance, a party, and all kinds of hijinx.

This is the start of the golden age of John Hughes teen movies. It introduces the wonderful charms of Molly Ringwald. She would personify the girl next door type for that era. It would also introduce Anthony Michael Hall as part of the Brat Pack. It's also great to see the Cusack clan get a couple of roles.

The comedy is broad and goofy. The best part is that it comes from a sense of good humor and a nice soft spot in his heart. It is a more innocent time in suburbia middle America.

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