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Reviewed by menschmachine 8 / 10

Dark, but stunning fantasy-short

Third short film by the Amsterdam-based Blender Foundation. Sintel is partly meant to promote the open source animation software Blender and to be used for demo-purposes (3d, 4k)by it's sponsors.

But it's far more than a very crafty demo. Script and storyline are clearly worked out on a elaborate scale, comprising three different levels. One might see it as a fantasy-action movie, but it also packs a coming-of-age sideline and a sobering life-lesson.

Loner Sintel (Dutch for Cinder)befriends a baby dragon an nurtures it, until it's snatched from her in a dramatic scene. The quest to find the dragon is somewhat rushed in a montage and throughout the movie some movement seems unnatural, but the amount of detail in props and background is amazing. Double so, because this was made by just 14 animators, script editor, technician and director (and numerous members of the Blender community who made props and scenes online) in just over a year, at a total cost of 400.000 euro.

Reviewed by Rectangular_businessman 8 / 10

It is both impressive and heartbreaking

"Sintel" impressed me.

Not only for the amazing quality of the animation (With a high level of realism in what concerns to the textures and effects, not to mention the expressiveness of the characters and the outstanding level of detail) but also for the way in which it deconstruct several common clichés and archetypes from several fantasy and adventure histories, giving a very tragic turn to the classical plot of the hero's "Journey". In many ways, the main character is the classic archetype of a "hero" in a fantasy history, being fiery and determined to don't give up; the fact that her intentions are pretty good and understandable made the twist at the ending something even more tragic, but I do think that this short has a valid point, even if it is very harsh: Having a noble intention and being brave (at least in the traditional sense of the word in fantasy stories) is not always a guarantee of good results or success.

However, even when the ending is incredibly sad and heartbreaking (With only a very little glimpse of hope) the overall experience of "Sintel"is something very rewarding and enjoyable, being exciting and entertaining to watch.

I highly recommend this short to anyone who enjoys fantasy and adventure epics.

Reviewed by mjlpress 8 / 10


To imagine that all of this was created from scratch is remarkable.

The score was very well done as was the foley.

Halina really came through and I was so impressed, I had to find out who she was. Amazing to shine as an actor through a 3D animation. She did it!

For the filmmakers and artist to take this on and to get it done for future artist is admirable. It gives hope to other artist and filmmakers.

I would not recommend the film to children but maybe the filmmakers will do another film just for them. I hope they do.

The director's attention to detail was also noted.

Great job!

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