Sins of the Parents: The Crumbley Trials



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Reviewed by Foutainoflife 7 / 10

Parental Negligence

On November 30, 2021, Ethan Crumbley, 15, took a 9mm semi-automatic handgun into Oxford High School, located in Oxford Township, Michigan, and proceeded to murder four students and further injure another six students and one teacher. Ethan's parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, would become the first parents in US history to be charged with involuntary manslaughter through gross negligence. They would be found guilty and sentenced for their crimes.

The Crumbley's were essentially held liable for having bought their son a gun, taken him to a practice firing range, leaving the gun easily accessible and after receiving warning from the school's guidance counselor as to their child's disturbing mental state, not having taken the steps to insure that Ethan wouldn't be posing a threat to fellow students. These events took place four days prior to and on the day of the shooting.

The Crumbley's had notice of and ignored Ethan's declining mental state, knew they bought a gun for him with money he provided them and although they weren't legally required to keep the gun in a lock box, failed to keep the gun secure. This gross negligence resulted in aiding and abetting conduct that facilitated Ethan's act and made them involuntarily complicit to the crimes he committed.

This was not a case that centered on gun rights (although some would wonder why a 15 year old would NEED a 9mm handgun) but rather, it focused on parental responsibility. It is the job of parents to keep their children safe but it is not limited to their child alone. As parents, there is a responsibility to address a deteriorating mental and emotional mindset as well as physical access to dangerous weaponry their child could use to endanger others.

This was a landmark case that required the jury use common sense to assign a definition to "gross negligence".

The case is tragic and an all too familiar scenario that leaves families, communities and educational institutions scarred with grief. One can only hope this will encourage parents to be more present, mindful and diligent when it comes to warning signs, hints of trouble brewing within the hearts and minds of their children and taking the steps needed to ensure safety for other children as well as their own.

The documentary was interesting and well worth a watch.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by 4ndyroux 5 / 10


From the aspect of a legal student, this was a fascinating look behind the scenes of the prosecution. Also, it was extraordinary that this was released so quickly after the trial. However, in the rock I live under I wasn't familiar with all of the particulars about the living conditions and the reasons (aside from ignoring the picture and the gun purchase) which led a jury to bridge the legal gap between neglect and involuntary manslaughter.

I also think there's an element of transparency and foresight with this film that may be transformative in giving prosecutors an opportunity to provide candidness of their craft.

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