Sin in the Suburbs



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Dyanne Thorne as Yvette Talman
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Reviewed by spelvini 5 / 10

Sinful - NOT

This 'midnight' movie from 1964 rates high on the sleaze factor, and aside from the inept scripting and bad acting, director Joe Sarno manages to give us something interesting in some of the camera framing and some of the ideas in the story. If you can stay awake past the mind-numbingly slow exposition and get to the nub of the story the movie does gain momentum, albeit to a muddled climax.

In a small New England town Geraldine Lewis (Audrey Campbell) becomes bored when her workaholic husband ignores her and she gets interested in other men, and begins taking extramarital afternoon trysts with a neighborhood friend and another man. Her daughter Kathy (Alice Linville), just beginning to understand her feelings about personal relationships comes home early from school one day to discover her mother in a clinch. Shocked and confused Kathy confides to neighbor Yvette Tallman (Dyanne Thorne) and the older woman seduces the young girl. Yvette and her incestuous brother Lou (W.B. Parker) initiate and organize a neighborhood sex-swap ring and Geraldine and others are lured in but danger is imminent when under-age Kathy is brought in too.

This is Dyanne Thorne's first film, after which she went on to other cult faves like Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS, and other sleaze-founded films. Thorne will delight the male viewer s her character is a voluptuous coquette who seduces men and women for whatever she wants. Not an actress Thorne manages to present to the camera two emotive states seducing and just plain nothing. As a support co-star she could've been better with a better script, maybe.

The real actress is Judy Young who plays Kathy. Her performance is muted, substantial, and detailed and she shows the viewer the real soul of the film. It is too bed that this actress never got a real break. The best thing she was able to accomplish is a guest-starring role on Welcome Back Kotter.

The film does have some good moments. Cinematography by James J. Markos and camera work is good even though lighting is laughable. The way actors move in and out of frame restricts the viewer from gaining all the information and his bit of creativity allows a more dynamic connection with the story.

Reviewed by Real_Review 5 / 10

The 1960's Were Never This Sexy - Shocking, Fun, Non-Stop Action, w A Great Cast

When you watch this movie, test this hypothesis: with a little bigger budget, some proper editing, and a little more time, 'Sin In The Suburbs' could have been a great film. Kudos to Joe Sarno.

RealReview Posting Scoring Criteria: Acting - 1/1 Casting - 1/1 Directing - 1/1 Story - 1/1 Writing/Screenplay - 1/1

Total Base Score = 5

Modifiers (+ or -)

Believability/Consistency: -0.5 Extraordinary Actor Chemistry: 1 ( Judy Young aka Alice Linville & Dyanne Thorne aka Lahna Monroe ) Distractingly Poor Editing: - 0.5

Total RealReview Rating: 5 (If, on a quantum level, multiple 5's can have various degrees and sizes, then the 5 attributed to 'Sin In The Suburbs' is a HUGE 5.)

Reviewed by Uriah43 6 / 10

A Very Risqué Film for this Particular Era

After her husband leaves her and she is unable to pay the bills "Yvette Talman" (Dyanne Thorne) seduces a bill collector at the instigation of her live-in boyfriend "Roy Minton" (Richard Tatro) to settle the debt. It's at this time that Roy gets an idea to increase their incomes many times over by taking advantage of the fact that the housewives in this particular suburb are extremely lonely and many of them are having affairs to resolve the situation. That being the case, he reasons that--for a certain price--he can introduce them to several different lovers at a discreet location and with certain safety features to protect their identities. Soon his plan becomes a complete success-at least for him. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie and risk spoiling it I will just say that this was a very risqué film for this particular era. I especially liked the manner in which Roy was cleverly depicted as the devil with his customers appearing as his followers. Likewise, although Dyanne Thorne was unrecognizable to me I thought there were a couple of fairly pretty actresses involved with Marla Ellis (as "Lisa Francis") standing out among them. On the other hand, I found the music--which played incessantly throughout the film-to be quite annoying. But overall I thought that this was a pretty good sexploitation film for the particular time-period and I rate it as slightly above average.

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