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Greg Kinnear as Dr. Misha Bartnovsky
Fionnula Flanagan as Sister Marie
Ben Wang as Ming
Terry Chen as Dr. Ming Wang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RegalsReelView 7 / 10

More science than religion.

A pioneer in his field, Dr. Wang restores eyesight to patients who were told it was impossible by others. When he decides to take a pediatric patient from India, who lost her sight brutally, a ghost from Dr. Wang's past reemerges. As he journeys to find an appropriate treatment for his patient, he struggles to come to terms with the past and live in the present. In the end, it is the patient who helped Dr. Wang see clearly how living in the present and far more healing than being tormented by reliving the past.

Another Angel Studios production, this movie shares the story of Dr. Wang, who pushed the limits of science and developed new techniques and technologies to help restore his patients' eyesight. With the runtime clocking in at one hour and forty minutes, the story is balanced but has some scenes that could have been adjusted to streamline the story and compress the time. The story focuses more on Dr. Wang's life history and the method, procedure, and research he developed, with just a touch of religion. The movie is emotional, inspiring, and heartfelt. This is a solid movie to catch in the cinema for those looking for something less mainstream and a great watch at home; either way, it should be watched.

Reviewed by bkort-49190 8 / 10

A Movie for Adults

A very uplifting story of a surgeon attempting to restore sight to a young Indian girl. He's a Chinese immigrant who lived through difficult time during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. He has some very bad experiences in China, and great challenges as an adult.

Some critics have found cuts between his childhood and adulthood disconcerting. They seem obvious to me and created the narrative of the story.

This movie is oriented towards adults. While dealing with some difficult topics, it does it with sensitivity and optimism. This is the kind of movie that Hollywood lost interest in years ago. While I enjoy comic book movies, it's very refreshing to see a movie that uplifts you. It's well worth a couple hours to enjoy.

Reviewed by patrick-province 8 / 10

Good movie can't believe it was real.

Interesting perspective on the Chinese cultural revolution. And an amazing story of the development of cutting edge laser eye surgery. It's definitely worth watching.

Heart warming tale about life and what matters most.

The journey is from a doctors childhood in revolutionary china where his childhood best friend and love interests father lost his sight through studying hard and perseverance he has become a laser eye surgeon who has done what many would consider impossible. This is set back about 20 years so you may even have been someone who used his technology and have improved sight today.

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