Sick Boy


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.6/10 10 761 761

Top cast

Debbie Rochon as Dr. Helen Gordan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MissOceanB 4 / 10

Not THAT bad...give it a chance

Sick Boy has a low rating, yes, so I went into it thinking it will be awful. However, in the end it wasn't too bad but I wouldn't watch it again (once you've seen it, you've seen it - nothing to "go through" or re- evaluate). The acting of the lead is sub-par and really annoying at times especially near the end, the movie starts verrry slowly and her boyfriend is a bit of an idiot...but if you can look past that, the story itself (although it's been done before and you'll see why) is solid and suspenseful. I particularly liked the look of the sick boy, skin color, eyes, as you see in the trailer. There are moments you will be thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" when it comes to the lead actor's decisions, but in the end it wasn't too bad. Obviously very low-budget but budget doesn't always mean BAD film.

Reviewed by bergeron70 5 / 10

So the acting isn't always great, but the story is...

I know this has a bad rating, but I enjoyed the build of suspense and the fact that we got to know the characters a bit better. It was, on the whole, predictable but how many movies of this genre aren't?

If you give this one a chance and allow yourself to be drawn into the world of the characters (their arguments and issues ARE believable) you might actually find yourself enjoying it. I actually cared about Lucy's well being by the end and thing that the woman who played this part was a reasonably good actor. I found the boyfriend annoying and wondered why she didn't just dump him at one point, but I suppose that aspect of the dynamic and relationship are believable as well.

It is what it is and as an 83 minute distraction, you could do worse.

Reviewed by Thrill_KillZ 3 / 10

What a monumental waste of time.

First off, the only thing about this film that didn't stick out negatively is the cinematography. That said it's all about this ditsy girl who takes a babysitting job as a favor for her friend, it was high paying so she took it. She is told the kid is sick & never to go downstairs for any reason, of course the dumb girl doesn't listen & seventy minutes later it culminates to a lousy unsatisfactory ending.

The lead actress in this should win an award, an award for annoying pathetically poor acting. I stuck around for the entire run time but only because I wanted to see her die horribly. The plot could have been printed on a fortune cookie. Don't pay for this! It has nothing good to offer. It's just another 3/10 film that will leave you saying oh man I should have known better. Well at least that was my feeling.

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