Ship of the Damned


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 2.7/10 10 148 148


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10

Don't call me Ellie

The film opens in 1622 off the coast of Cartegena. A hungry crew kills and eats a witch and consumes her resulting in a curse. In modern times said ship is dragged into port. The story picks up with Elena (Hannaj Bang Bendz) who is an expert on such ships. She gets a call from her ex-boyfriend who is with the coast guard and asks her if she might be interested in checking it out. She jumps at the chance. While the two are on board they are captured by the 400-year-old cursed crew and sail back out to sea. Elena discovers the Pirate cannibals want to use her for breeding material in hopes of breaking the curse.

I like the story better when they are hillbillies and folks take a Wrong Turn. The film started out fine but once on board, I lost interest with boring pirates.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by tommaguzzi 2 / 10

Strong female lead and plot holes for modern audiences

I was hoping for better but it became apparent as soon as the strong female lead's useless male ex partner turned up that I was watching a film made for modern brain dead audiences. The idea for a horror story was good, a 400 year old wooden ship washes up on the coast. Then from that moment it all falls apart. There plot holes so big you could sail a gallion through them. Here are just a few of them.

The coast guard towed it ashore, how? Surely someone had to board it to secure the lines and would then have been attacked by the cursed crew. Then the coast guard left it unattended anchored just off a beach. Why didn't tow it to a harbour? There was no news coverage of such an unusual event? Then they send two men alone aboard to do what?

Then strong female lead and useless male partner the sneak aboard and are captured by the cursed crew, but a 130 pound woman is able to kick the captain's ass in a fist fight! The gallion has a working radio taken from a ship they attacked 40 years ago. How is it still powered up? It gets more stupid as it goes along. Don't waste your time. 2 stars for some ( not all) of the acting.

Reviewed by osirisgothra 1 / 10

I want those minutes back.

This movie is terrible. Despite being a movie about an old (pirate?) ship, you rarely actually see anything that resembles one except the same awful shots of "some ship" none in which look like they have anything to do with the movie at all.

The actors are so obviously out of character. Especially the crew. There is no real emotion going on anywhere in any of the 1 on 1 scenes, just a lot of hard-staring at each other like they are trying to compete for points in a game of "do-not-look away".

The story has no entertainment value and no substance whatsoever. Any value to the actual story is completely ruined by the endless corridors of 2x6 board sets which look like they were bought at Lowe's fence department a few days ago and then painted with "pretend ship" stain.

The so-called violent scenes aren't even convincing. Everyone is swaying and moving so much you'd think they are getting ready to start dancing or something.

The video production is awkwardly high-frame yet low quality. Kinda like what you get from a smartphone. I wonder, did they use that smartphone from the first scene to film this thing?

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