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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aprilmike-51991 5 / 10

"This isnt a map"

The 'sheborg' costume is great as is the sound track.

Reviewed by fduniho-38803 4 / 10

Amusing but stupid

I laughed out loud when I saw the title Sheborg, but then I remembered that one of my favorite movies is about a female cyborg. So, I thought I would try this out for the sake of comparison. Unlike Alita: Battle Angel, which portrays a female cyborg with depth and humanity, this movie portrays a female cyborg as an alien monster who must be defeated. This character is more like Godzilla than Alita. To underscore what kind of movie this is, some scenes show characters watching what appears to be a very low budget Japanese monster movie with fake-looking monsters rampaging among model buildings. The sheborg even has less depth and humanity than Daleks and Cybermen sometimes have on Doctor Who.

The special effects are virtually non-existent. The sheborg has robot parts on one side that give her a lop-sided gait. In the scene in which she moves the most, she crawls out of a car window like Samara from the Ring crawling out of a TV screen. Most of the actual action scenes do not involve her.

This movie rips off Bill & Ted and Scooby Doo. The two main characters, two girls named Dylan and Eddie, repeatedly copy a gesture made famous by Bill & Ted, in which they bump fists, wiggle their fingers, and make weird woo-woo noises. They are joined by a third character who looks like Velma from Scooby Doo, and in fact, she is named Velma. Being taller and having red hair, Dylan looks something like Daphne in comparison. There is also a male character who is something like Shaggy and cares about dogs.

Reviewed by Krhhmg 5 / 10

sheborg meh-ssacre

It's been a while that i've been this hyped for a movie to be released, even pre-ordered the dvd - a folly i usually stay away from. all starts promising, with a psyched-out scene in a spaceship. there are whacky humanoid aliens with a captured hot cyborg (the sheborg from the title) who is about to get executed. well if she would have, the film had ended pretty quickly. she somehow gets to earth, and then there are an annoying heroine, some puppies and mediocre - and way too little! - gore and blood scenes.

it surely is better than the rollerderby flick, also made by armstrong, but it lacks in the aspects you came for: brutality, nudity and a spacy score. the soundtrack is 100% punkrock stuff and if you don't like or even tolerate this, you will have a hard time.

fun flick with some beer and friends, but i recommend a rental before a purchase.

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