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Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield
Zachary Levi as Shazam
Seth Green as Friend
Meagan Good as Super Hero Darla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danielmanson 7 / 10

Little predictable, but very fun

So I finally decided to give this a go and I have to say, I'm a little annoyed I waited this long, because it's a very fun film.

So what put me off initially was that from the trailer it seemed a bit too silly and childish and I'm not too fond of that humour. But I have to say it was done very well and I didn't find it daft at all.

So as my title says, I did find the film I little predictable. You could see what direction the film was heading in early doors and it never really veered from that path. I felt like it was just missing that "wow" factor to break this movie into 8/10 and beyond. It was very down the middle lane kind of film, which don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with that. But I just wanted a little more.

Sticking with the plot theme. It kept me entertained throughout and I remained interested for the entire 2 hours or so. So clearly it did something right! My only negative on this subject was that I thought they expanded in the wrong areas. So the first 45 mins or so was developing the characters so we didn't even see "Shazam" until 45 mins in. Then it sort of whizzed through the 'dealing with the idea he has powers' phase and went straight into the overly long end sequence. I feel like they could have done more with the mid section and even shortened the beginning and end to do so.

Beyond that though I thought the characters were great and they were all likeable and the arcs were also fun and interesting to get stuck in. And overall it was just enjoyable and a fun watch. It does what you expect it to do! The humour isn't over the top, stupid nor overdone and it's not complicated either. Yeah I'd recommend this if you're debating it. It's enjoyable!

Reviewed by bowmanblue 7 / 10

It brings out the kid in you

Superhero this, superhero that. Someone gets super powers and ends up fighting an evil version of themselves with similar abilities. If you've seen one (recent) superhero movie then you've probably seen them all and it gets to the stage where you start to wonder if there's anything new a film company can bring to the genre. I'm pleased to say that, despite following most superhero cliches, 'Shazam!' has enough going for it to make it definitely worth a watch.

Ignoring the fact that it was originally meant to be part of the (possibly now deceased?) 'DC Shared Universe' (remember 'Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad' and all that?) you don't really need to know much about any other film to 'get' what's going on here. A young boy attains magical powers from a wizard (as you do) and, every time he says the magic word ('Shazam!' just in case you hadn't guessed), he's changed from a weedy fifteen year old high school lad to a spandex-clad muscular hunk.

Now, if you've been following what was supposed to be DC's attempt at a 'shared universe' you'll know that they tried to make themselves different from Marvel by being 'darker' and 'grittier.' Well, 'Shazam!' isn't like that at all. It actually feels a bit like one of those 'family' movies from the eighties, as if it's part of a 'Goonies' shared universe than the 'Man of Steel.'

Having a child as the star can always be a bit hit and miss, however Asher Angel actually pulls it off and is quite believable in the role, even before he transfers leading man duties to Zachary Levi for the 'superhero moments.' We have veteran actor Mark Strong as the baddie who has the previously-mentioned 'similar powers' as Shazam. He's naturally a good actor, therefore he plays the part well. However, just like the light-hearted tone of the film emulates Marvel's output, so does the lack of real development and motivation for the villain.

There's plenty of laughs and a great use of Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' (possibly even better than 'Shaun of the Dead' used it), however, for those of us who noticed, the computer-effects are a bit ropy and probably could have been a little more polished. But that's just a minor gripe. Ultimately, I reckon youngsters should enjoy this film and not notice the - slightly in-your-face - message about 'family,' choosing instead to simply go along for the ride. For the adults, there's plenty of mocking of superhero movies and it's quite fun to picture this film in the same world where Batman and Superman have become marketable brands.

It may not be the greatest superhero movie of our time (and certainly not the most original), but it nicely crossed the divide between a film for adults and kids and if you're in the mood for something light and fluffy after the darker 'Infinity War/Endgame' pairing, then you can happily lose yourself in a world of magic and wizards for a couple of hours.

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 8 / 10

Good Enough

Shazam! was light, funny and simple. It was actually pretty much what you expect from a super hero movie : the tragic past, the super villain, the transformation, the built up and the final great battle. However, what this movie had extra was the comedy factor, the teenager's theme and a more heartly story, all of which can't be easily found in the nowdays superhero movies that focus on the action and visuals rather than the actual story.

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