Shattered Memories


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2/10 10 360 360

Top cast

Sarah Lind as Joanna
Philip Boyd as Glenn
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Reviewed by darylm-36566 3 / 10

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The Acting is unbearable and over dramatic. It almost seems like a comedy at the end. Decent twist at the climax and then it is predictable and dragged out for an additional 15 minutes. Don't let your wife make you watch this.

Reviewed by crankyasianman 5 / 10

Standard Lifetime movie fare

Movie is typical what you find on Lifetime except I saw it on Netflix. Repressed married woman has an affair then regrets it. Throw in a murder and a memory blackout. Did she do it or not? Recommended only for Lifetime movie fans.

Reviewed by ravencollc 3 / 10

Confusing flop

This film is hard to keep track of because most of the movie consists of flashbacks. You don't know if you're in the present or in the past. It's very confusing and hard to follow. Typically, I love this type of suspenseful movie but this is so horrible that I can't even say that I liked it. I only recognized a few actors in this movie. Personally, I don't thank any of the actors did very well in their roles. I can't say that this is the absolute worst movie that I have seen but it's pretty close.

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