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Reviewed by milyndar 2 / 10


I get the overall goal of what the movie was supposed to be but it just ain't it. The movie has too much going on but yet is so painfully boring. There clearly wasn't much effort and organization put into this movie.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by rdnico 10 / 10

#Selfie (2014) – A breath of fresh air

This is the by far the best Romanian comedy I have ever seen. Finally a bearable Romanian comedy! Seems like change has come to the domestic film industry.

***Spoiler alert***

The movie follows the story of three teenage girls running away from seaside. Ana, Roxy and Yasmine. All three of them run away after the graduation to the seaside – the weekend before their finals exam. There they meet Brain, Magi and Mihai. All six of them go through a lot of events from being arrested by the police for stealing and selling paper lanterns, to jumping with the car in the black sea. So, full of adventures and close to the habits of the current generation: using social media and having a carefree type of attitude.

In my opinion this movie is a breath of fresh air from the eastern European industry. Usually movies from that area look into the unsolved frustrations from the soviet past.

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