Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure


Adventure / Animation / Documentary

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Liev Schreiber as Self - Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sb7even 10 / 10

Sea Monsters is GREAT!

We just viewed Sea Monsters in Real D 3-D and it is exceptional. The plot tracks "Dolly" (the main character) on her life long journey. The word Monster in the title is a bit deceiving as most of the creatures are the sea form of dinosaurs. The 3 D experience is absolutely outstanding. I found that sitting toward the front of the theater produced the best 3 D experience. This movie may be a little intense for small children but all other ages will love it. The one positive thing for children is the forty minute run times that seems to fly by. National Geographic should have a hit on their hands as more and more people travel back in time to check out the Sea Monsters.

Reviewed by thirdeblue 8 / 10

Almost "Walking With Dinosaurs" quality

This short documentary was a bit of a mixed bag. First the 3-D and CG: the director obviously was more at ease with the the extensive CG then the live action elements, because the 3-D work was jarring and uneven during then. Part of the problem occurs when the live-action segments are shot too closely to the target. There is a sequence in a car and it took me ten seconds at least to get adjusted to the 3-D. These are not problems that occurred in vista shots.

The CG work was fantastic and the 3-D involving it was equally as impressive. I saw Meet the Robinsons in 3-D this spring and am eagerly awaiting whatever other 3-D offers there are in store like Beowolf and Avatar.

I hate to keep ragging on the live-action elements, but the acting was wretched too. Apparently it is difficult finding somebody who will have all of 30 seconds of screen time and maybe 20 words of dialogue to not sound like they're reading off of a teleprompter. It is nice to see and having a 5-year it is nice to be able to show and explain to him how we can and do know these things about creatures that died out millions of years ago, but with such wooden acting it makes me just sit and wait until the CG behemoths come tearing across the screen again.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

I found it uninspired

"Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure" is only worth seeing for the biggest fans of dinosaur films. It is a 40-minute documentary from almost 10 years ago narrate by Liev Schreiber. The director is experienced documentary filmmaker Sean MacLeod Phillips and the writer is 2-time Emmy nominee Mose Richards. The script, however, is maybe the weakest aspect. It's like mediocre daytime drama taking place in the ancient ages with the constant kill or be killed. No real informative aspects on the creatures depicted in here. The animation is probably the best aspect from this film, but even this one is not particularly great. And the staged sections with the archaeologists in the 1970s are just pretty cringeworthy to watch to be honest. I can see little values here from a scientific perspective, which is really sad as this topic certainly had a lot more to deliver than what we saw here. Not recommended.

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