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Reviewed by sandiegoharry 8 / 10

A very entertaining, Very intersting documentary

Okay, we all know the story: Baseball and Steroids, part II. Interesting, but not THAT interesting.

How this movie makes this sad / tedious subject fun is the filmmaker's approach: He has real characters being interviewed, and where he cannot? HE uses children to play the roles of adults - and the kids NAIL IT. It keeps a more or less creepy and sad story light, at times is hysterical and makes the whole film seem fresh.

If you are a baseball fan OR a fan of creative fim making, this one is a winner.

Reviewed by SpacemanBob 7 / 10

Entertaining & pretty interesting doc

One thing I didn't expect was for this film to be as humorous as it is. A few oddball characters, along with some insiders, try to put together the story of the MLB steroid era, largely focusing on the guy that was several big stars supplier. Going in I knew the gist of the story, but I didn't know what a fiasco it was. The story gets stranger the longer it goes.

Reviewed by johncg25 7 / 10

surprisingly light doc on doping

I really enjoyed hard-hitting docs on Lance Armstrong, and the olympic doping scandals, but...this is not that film. This is a silly take on the subject where the narrated action is re-done..with kids dressed up in adult clothing re-enacting the action. It is humorous and makes the doc easy to watch and helped keep my interest. but I feel the filmmaker was probably too close to Bosch, in getting his cooperation, and therefore....never really examined the darker side of his behavior, and mostly gives him a pass. It also goes light on A-rod and pretty much..just highlights that baseball is just ...a game. Not life or death, nor criminal, but just..a game. I feel when someone cheats to get 400 million dollars in contracts..its a serious offense, so...I would have liked a bit more of a harder hitting take on the subject. But it was definitely decent, and an odd-type of documentary with humor that makes it easy to watch, and effective in its own way.

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