Saving Capitalism



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Who needs saving?

I would think that the people in the system are the ones that need saving - but that is more or less what the maker of this is suggesting anyway. It's not about saving "money" or just generally the system. It's about how people suffer under the current system. Now you could argue that this is politically motivated, even propaganda. It's a fair point to make. The good thing is, you can make up your mind and maybe have a couple more view points on certain things that are happening in your economy.

It's interesting but it might not be the most thorough. It still is an interesting documentary and it does work as an insight look in what works or rather does not work at times. If it's an interesting subject to you, you will find something to hold onto and be excited about

Reviewed by rahul_bhagwanani 8 / 10

Good and accurate

The documentation really highlights how coperate america has taken over the politcal system in the last 20 years. However, it is sometimes rather superficial. For example, there are no case examples on how the lobbying is done and his solution: what we need is active citizens is certainly true, but he could have pointed how it would be best to get involded. For anyone who doubts that the system is borken, this movie is a must.

Reviewed by jrtone-49357 8 / 10

Saving Capitalism

A well balanced look into one of the more important issues of the modern era. The discussion here highlights that ultimately it doesn't matter who runs a country as long as there continue to be large corporations who pull the strings from behind the scenes.

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