Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style



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Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris
Rena Sofer as Andrea Larson
Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski
Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano
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Reviewed by atomicjeff-41850 7 / 10

It could have been better.

This is a Saved by the Bell movie which just seemed off to a degree. The movie focuses on the gang going to Kelly's Grandfather's resort which is struggling do to a ruthless developer trying to drive him out of business to get the land. Sadly her Grandfather's lawyer who Kelly starts falling for is actually helping the developer by sabotaging her grandfathers business, in an effort to make him sell the property. The gang helps by staffing the resort to bring tourist and has several adventures along the way. During the course of the movie Zach falls for a beautiful older girl who happens also to have a young daughter. The story unfolds and eventually the developer is stopped and Kelly learns that her Grandfather's attorney is a rat and exposes his deception. The gang saves the resort and Zach is basically dumped by the girl because she wants him to finish his highschool senior year and then maybe someday they can continue their romance. The movie was entertaining, but very predictable. I think this movie's script could have been better, but this is SBTB so its not meant to be super serious, but rather a refection of the fun campy theme of the sitcom. Lark, Tiffany, and Elisebeth were beautiful which was easy on the eyes, right guys? On a serious note, the movie delivered some laughs, some fun in the sun, yet the story was mediocre, which is why I gave it a 7.

Reviewed by antibarbie39 10 / 10

corny yes but...

Ok Ok ...So Saved by the bell is coney!So what it's supposed to be! and the movie well ..It doesn't get much worse than this folks:) Screech gets kidnapped ,kelly's grandfather hotel is shutting down..and how ironic that Mr.B is there is somewhat help save the day! But all in all the movie is GREAT!Love it i taped it when I was 11 years old and no doubt watched it often !,I recently just found a tape of old saved by the bell reruns,great stuff!!!!

Reviewed by ashy 5 / 10

cute, but so wrong

This movie was kinda sweet. I enjoyed this movie because I am a Saved by the Bell fan, but...I've never seen so many stereotypes of Hawaii in my life. Besides changing the geography of the island and making locals seem like dorks, there were hardly any locals in the movie. Majority of the cast were white and I did not see a hint of real Hawaiian culture. It was just cheesy.

Besides the cheese though, I did like the antics of the gang. Their adventures were quite entertaining. This is a good movie if you just want mindless fun and do not actually expect to see or learn anything about Hawaii.

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