Save the Tiger



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86% · 29 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 6.9/10 10 5647 5.6K

Top cast

Jack Lemmon as Harry Stoner
Ned Glass as Sid Fivush
Lara Parker as Margo
Patricia Smith as Janet Stoner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jc1305us 8 / 10

Things are never as good as you remember them...

I saw this movie on cable when I was probably 18 or 20 years old, and from the first time watching it, I was enthralled. It really does engross you. I think the credit (and Im happy to say the Oscar) goes to Jack Lemmon, an actor who

really did have the everyman down to a science. The movie is an excellent

commentary on dreams coming apart, the loss of old friends, and realizing

youre time may have come and gone. Not exactly the most uplifting movie but it is raw and honest. Lemmon and his partner run Capri Casuals, a women's wear

line based in southern California in the early 70's. (incidentally the name comes from the island where most of Lemmons war time buddies were killed and

buried) When times get tough and Lemmon is lowering himself by becoming a

pimp to a big customer, he realizes his American dream might be over. In

consultation with his partner he decides to hire an arsonist to destroy his factory for the insurance. An intense, searing performance from Lemmon, makes Save

the Tiger a movie that should be watched for years to come.

Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by jrs-8 8 / 10

A powerful film.

"Save the Tiger" is not for everyone. If you are a fan of great acting and writing, and not bothered by a slow pace then this is a movie for you.

The film takes place all in one day and tells the story of a businessman on a downward spiral. Jack Lemmon (in a well deserved Oscar winning role) plays the owner of a clothing manufacturer. He is losing money and his mind. He has decided to hire an arsonist to destroy the business so he can collect the insurance money, much against the wishes of his partner (well played by Jack Gilford).

The film follows him that day as he comes to many life decisions while trying to avoid the nervous breakdown that is hauntingly close.

This is a film of raw power that never reaches out to us so strongly that we feel smothered by it all. It's pace is slow which makes the film all the more powerful. Two scenes that stand out are when he is to speak at a luncheon. As he speaks he begins seeing the audience not as normal, everyday people but as soldiers from the war he fought in. He is so overcome he can't finish his speech.

The other standout moment is when he meets the arsonist at the porno theater. The arsonist has been there and back 100 times and knows his business. He knows the right way to destroy a man's dreams for profit. To say the scene is frightening is an understatement. But it's a testament to the brilliant (and Oscar winning) screenplay by Steve Shagan.

This is one of those rare films for adults. Frightening, powerfully thought provoking. A must see for the true cinema buff.

Reviewed by Vigilante-407 8 / 10

Lemmon deserved the Oscar for this one

This was definitely a tour-de-force performance for Jack Lemmon.

I believe the strength of this film is that his performance allows it to strike a multi-generational cord with viewers...a key theme of the movie is the way the world has changed since they way we remembered it when we were younger, which I think is a pang that all of us get, no matter what age. The world always seems darker and more complicated now and concept that needs no real transposition between eras.

Harry Stoner is a man of his times...swing bands, baseball, and World War II. His life is still influenced by all three, but only in quick flashes of fond memories or flashbacks of a beach in Italy. Lemmon gives us a character that does what he has to do in order to maintain what he has worked for, and that rationalizes that which may or may not be quite on the up-and-up.

Jack Gilford is excellent as his partner in Capri Casuals, representing a voice of conscience that is not quite as blind to circumstance as Jack's character, and there are several other good performances in the film. Jack Lemmon stands out, as he does in most films, and richly deserved the Academy Award for this one.

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