Save the Green Planet!

2003 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.2/10 10 8760 8.8K


Top cast

Adolf Hitler as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

It might take some time ...

I watched this movie quite some time ago. And I have to admit, that I wasn't so sure about the movie or how I should feel about it! I originally would've only have given it 6/10, if I had voted for it back then.

I don't think that there are many people who know this little gem, outside from Korea! And it's almost impossible to recommend it to somebody. Because it's a very special movie. It does go against the flow and it's not at all a Blockbuster! What it is, is unique, thought provoking, always challenging and disturbing. But mostly in a good way (even if it takes you longer to figure out, how you feel about it, as was the case with me)! To tell you anything at all about the story would be spoiling the fun of discovering it on your own ... If you think you can handle a movie, where you just don't know what to make of it ... watch this! That's all I'm going to say ...

Reviewed by scobbah 8 / 10

South Korea keeps supplying us with great movies!

Now this is something different, that is one thing I can assure you. I didn't know what to expect from this piece. So let's start somewhere. If you like original movies, this one qualifies! It is a weird (but good) mix of different genres here, and all in all it is one superb hybrid film. It has it what it takes to keep you focused, changing rapidly between some more thriller/horror moments and all of a sudden there is a large dose of a more comedy touch - all blended with a feeling of sci-fi. Ha-Kyun Shin makes a superb performance here, and you develop some kind of hate-love for his character. South Korea keeps supplying us with great movies, and here's a solid 8/10. If you like "Oldboy" and familiar stuff, I bet you will like this one. At least give it a try.

Reviewed by teh_mode 7 / 10

Twisty Twisty Twisty

I love Korean cinema. Even when it makes as little coherent sense as this, you still come out of it really refreshed and humbled by the sheer weirdness of it all. When you think you know what is coming you are driven right back to the park of the unknown. This bizarre story of a nobody who deems it a good idea to kidnap a successful businessman he believes to be an alien, incorporating torturous sanity, vigilante gumshoes and lots and lots of nastiness will stretch your basic emotions beyond their thresholds, making a mockery out of them in the latter acts. Usually when a film is as blatantly silly as this it would be easy to dismiss it as nonsensical whiff that was probably made up on the spot as the film went on. And believe me, you won't get much of an argument from me about that. Yet despite the obvious obscenity of the screenplay 'Save The Green Planet' never seems like a movie that wants to satisfy your expectations. It wants to throw them in the river and have them chewed up by sharks. The ride, itself, is a fantastically demented one, so if you can stomach the nastiness of it all, you shouldn't be hateful towards its blatant weirdness. You may even embrace it. Having you guessing right up until the final head-scratching scenes, the movie will leave you bewildered as whether to cry, laugh, shout or scream. Trying all four at once will probably give you the most satisfaction.

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