RWBY: Volume 4


Action / Adventure / Animation / Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.7/10 10 1235 1.2K

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Cherami Leigh as Ilia Amitola
Derek Mears as Corsac Albain
Christopher Sabat as Arthur Watts
J. Michael Tatum as Klein Sieben
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shotgun-69216 7 / 10

A Step Back

After the intensity and level of the previous volume, this one was a little disappointing. A lot has changed, and with the deaths of last volume, that was entirely expected. With everything going on, it just makes sense in how the characters took the turns that they did. Weiss, Ruby, and Blake all had strong stories (especially Weiss), but Yang's story felt a little weak. I'm not saying it was bad, but given everything that happened, and how little time is spent with her, that story just feels like it's missing something. Then there's the new villains. Most of them we still don't really know a lot about, but Tyrian gets some good screen time. He's a strong enough villain, especially as we watch his already damaged mental state worsen towards the end, but I almost feel like he was trying be a copy of a familiar Dark Knight villain. Oh, and there's Salem. She's intimidating, and obviously has some serious power, but I don't feel like she's a solid character yet. She's just there. Overall, this feels like too much story, though. We get a lot of exposition, and plenty of world-building, but with only 12 episodes, it felt a little too much. On top of that, the pacing took a hit. For a 2-hour volume, it felt a little longer. However, the backstory for Ren and Nora was great, and overall, the volume was good. I wouldn't say it's bad, and I wouldn't say it's the worst of the series so far, but it's definitely a step back from what made Volume 3 so great.

Reviewed by starwarsrebel-83150 8 / 10

Its not the best, but its still great

While RWBY Volume 4 by no means held up to the magnificence of the preceding Volume 3. It still manages to tell 2 great stories, the stories for Weiss and Yang. The other story, Blake's, was seemingly lacking in any substance, feeling more like filler because Blake needed to be in this volume. And until the end of the volume with the great backstory for Ren and Nora, the RNJR/Qrow story line was definitely lacking.

Weiss' story is by far the best of the two good stories. It shows how after her experiences at Beacon, she no longer wishes to be a part of the high rise society that is the people of Atlas. Her relationship with Klein is touching, we finally get to see Weiss sing, something she hasn't done since the White Trailer, and her relationship with Jacques brings an added weight to what she said in volume 1 "I'm a victim".

The other story that I personally liked was Yang's. Yang probably had the hardest time coping with the events of The Fall of Beacon. As she is the only member of Team RWBY to actually lose something, her arm. The first part of Yang's story shows that she is scared to move on from her past, because she developed PTSD. Then when she receives a robotic arm, she feels as though everyone is trying to get her back to "normal". She does eventually put on the arm after overhearing her fathers discussion with Port and Oobleck, feeling as though she's the reason Tai hasn't gone after Ruby. And the relationship we see between Tai and Yang is just phenomenal. There are two sides to the father spectrum in RWBY, Tai and Jacques, being polar opposites towards their respected daughters.

Aside from the four main characters, the new villains are great. We don't really see much of Hazel or Dr. Watts, but that will change in Volume 5. But the real stars here are Tyrian and Salem. Salem is terrifying, every time she was on screen, I felt chills. You know you have a good villain if their mere presence is enough to send chills down your spine. And Tyrian was, in my opinion, comical. Every time I saw him, I knew that the scene was going to involve good old fashioned maniacal laughter, and not to mention that we finally get to see two trained Huntsmen go all out on each other, via the Qrow v Tyrian fight, was one of the most enjoyable parts of the volume.

So while Volume 4 was not a masterpiece like Volume 3, it was still enjoyable seeing how Team RWBY all dealt with the Fall of Beacon, and still had plenty of great moments.

My Score: 8/10

Reviewed by redlikeroses 6 / 10

Just an argumentative bridge between Vol 3 & 5

First of all, sorry my lame English; it's not my native language, but I try my best. OK, RWBY Vol 4 has problems. RWBY, since its start, has been becoming darker and darker. Volume 1 was simple, but funny. Volume 2 was a bit more serious in its story; but its atmosphere was still similar to Volume 1. In Volume 3, in my point of view the best RWBY Volume up to now, was way darker, the tension was at its high; the end was amazing. Volume 4 tried to make something like that, but it's too bland and has too much fails to be more than an argumentative bridge. Volume 3 left so many questions and things undone. Volume 4 was going to solve that. Instead, it opened more questions. The story Volume 4 tells could have been told in six or seven chapters. But there are twelve chapters. That makes the story line boring at times.

*Spoilers start here* The Nora and Ren's past doesn't fit with the characters and it lacks impact. Qrow should have been died. I don't say it because I hate Qrow, in the contrary, he is one of my favorite RWBY characters. But I waited like three chapters since he was poisoned; I was waiting for his death. It would have mean a lot to the story: we saw how superior the new villains were. Just expert huntsmen, like Qrow, could fight them with a chance to win. The death of Qrow would have mean that RNJR was alone. Alone versus the villains. Oh, yeah, I have to talk about the villains. The new villains aren't even nearly as good as RWBY Volume 1-3 antagonists. Tyrian, for example, is just the "psychopath villain that laughs" cliché. Salem is "ok" as a villain, but we don't know anything about her... or the other villains. But, the good points: >The animation is "better" than Vol 1-3 (I, personally, don't like that cheesy style, but it's well done.) >Qrow and Yang moments are interesting. Yang has a great character develop. >Most time I could tolerate Weiss, Oscar and Blake moments. >Soundtrack is still as good as always. So, 6/10. I write this at 26/08/17, when Volume 5 has not been released. If Volume 5 results a 7/10 or higher and you liked Vol 1- 3, watch this to follow RWBY story line. If Volume 5 results just another average volume, then I'll stop watching RWBY. That's all.

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