Rose's War



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Imogen Poots as Rose
Carrie Crowley as Rose's Mother
Simon Kunz as BBC News Reader
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Reviewed by danieljfarthing 6 / 10

Relatively insignificant, but interesting enough, '70s-based Irish true-tale

In '70s-based Irish true-tale "Rose's War" (aka "Baltimore") young English heiress Imogen Poots rebels against parents Carrie Crowley & Simon Coury to lend her active support to the IRA, leading Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (terrific), Lewis Brophy & Jack Meade in violently robbing a haul of valuable paintings from a stately home, before hiding out while trying to extract a ransom & prisoner release for them. Dermot Crowley offers solid support, and experienced co-writers / co-directors Christine Malloy & Joe Lawlor do chop the timeline cleverly - but it still comes across as only a relatively minor jigsaw puzzle piece in a much bigger picture. It is interesting, but not sensational.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 6 / 10


Compelled to be presented to the Queen as a debutante in return for an Oxford University education, Rose Dugdale (Imogen Poots) rebels from a fairly early age. Her privileged upbringing - as so often happens - leads her to detest the very hands that fed her in her childhood. Meantime, the troubles in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s are only increasing and after a trip to a training camp in Cuba, she returns a fully capable, bomb-making, terrorist - with a brain and a conscience. A plot is devised to rob a stately home of some valuable Goya, Rubens and Vermeer paintings and hold them as hostage for £500,000 and the freedom of two hunger striking IRA prisoners incarcerated in the UK. What now ensues is a rather weekly constructed speculation as to just how this shrewd plan was executed and of the aftermath. The story is an interesting history - but with the timelines dancing around all over the place and the performance of Poots a bit hit or miss, I found the pace of the film too bitty. We are all too often left dangling when a storyline is being developed and talking of development, there is very little to inform us about who the real Dugdale was. The screenplay doesn't shy away from describing the radicalisation here nor of some of it's concomitant brutality but somehow her vitriolic detestation of the British state is left completely unexplained. This subject could make for a strong political documentary on a woman who was clearly dedicated to her cause, but as a drama - this doesn't ever really engage.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 7 / 10

Listen very carefully.....

.......I shall say this only once.

If you can get past the french accent Poots puts on sounding like Officer Crabtree from Allo Allo, there is a wonderful tense thriller here.

Debutante Rose Dugdale enjoys a life of wealth and privilege, but her rebellious nature soon leads her down a militant path.

Amongst the political turmoil of the 1970s, her sympathy towards the IRA's conflict evolves into radicalisation, culminating in an armed raid on an Irish estate with three comrades.

However, when her simple heist takes a violent turn, is Rose prepared to face the devastating consequences.....

It's a simple house raid movie, with the main character wanting to steal expensive things to fund the IRA. But what makes this stand out from other films in this genre is the relationships that she builds with people on the outside, and her dropping her guise because she becomes endeared to them. The other thing that begs the question, is just how much of her narrative is in her mind? Has she been somewhat brainwashed by the IRA, as they know that she is a reckless person with privileges.

The cast are pretty amazing, especially the two friends she inadvertently makes in her quest, as you are answering the question, do they know who she is? Do thy have an idea? We are put in this position, because we are so involved with Rose, we cannot help but pity her, because she is a very vulnerable person.

If you get a chance to see it, please do, it's a very tense thriller.

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