Rory Scovel: Religion, Sex and a Few Things in Between


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Reviewed by ffaf42 3 / 10


I got through about 20-25 minutes of this before I called it quits. There were maybe two jokes that landed and 'everything in between' was utter nonsense. The quality of comedy and tv in general has gone down. I was generous in my 3 star rating. I really don't know what people find humorous about comedians these days. They steal and repackage older comedians' material and it stinks. To me he was slightly better than Amy Schumer and I can't stand her.

I'm religious and can't laugh at religious jokes, even the darkest and dirtiest but his jokes were so unfunny. No punch lines, just constant rambling,

Reviewed by drewfish-98708 10 / 10

One of the best standups out there

This special is excellent!! Rory Scovel is simply one of the best stand up comedians out there right now. He's been doing comedy for a long time, and this special shows his seasoned veteran status. When you've been mastering your craft for the as long as Rory has, you get a special like this.

Quirky without being tryhard. Funny like it's his job AND his personality. A little dirty, a lot silly, and intelligent when he wants to be. He makes some spot-on life observations and he's not afraid to "go there" if and when he wants to, but he doesn't go there just to be controversial or shocking. Ya done good, Rory. Ya done good.

If you like standup comedy, you'll like this special and you'll like Rory Scovel in general. Go watch it.

Reviewed by arich814 10 / 10

Rory at his best

This is, imo, his best special. He kept some of the more experimental and different things he does on stage to a relative minimum and kept it pretty tight on the material. Any fan of his knows he likes to approach sets differently, whether it's doing a whole set in a German accent or country accent or whatnot, but this one is just grade A material performed by a pro in his prime.

His Charleston special was really good but had a couple lulls but this one was sharp with biting commentary on religion so if you're offended by religion jokes easily, don't watch. Otherwise, it's absolutely hilarious.

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