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Mammootty as Luke Antony
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nishasuperboy 8 / 10

Not the regular thrillers we are familiar with...

Usually, a revenge thriller concludes with the demise or fall of the antagonist, but this movie's plot starts from that point. Which makes this film somewhat distinct from other films.

I don't think so that there's a need to mention about Mammootty's performance in this movie, as usual he nailed. To an extent, we can call this a one-man show of Mammootty.

The making of this film is incredible, the screenplay is gripping and the transition of the character played by Bindu Panicker was something we all have never seen from her before. Glad that they didn't stuff any unnecessary songs in between to cut the flow of the movie. This is not exactly an edge-of-the-seat thriller, this is more of a slow burner.

Reviewed by rajnnair 8 / 10

Unconventional Psychological Revenge Triller

A thriller/mysty movie about luke filing a police compliant of his wife missing after an accident. The story progresses with new revelations and we finally get to know the last of luke and his intentions and reason for his current visit.

The story is elevated by star cast who makes it convincing and director Nissam who handles the flow in a different way. The cinematgraphy captures the natural beauty of the locale and the characters in their raw getup which eleviates the end effect. The use of English songs also makes the tratment different.

Mamooty is superb as Luke.

Jaddish was a big revelation to me in this movie, he is excellent. As far as i remember this is the first time he gets to play a role like this and he does a fantastic job. Hope he plays more such real characters in the future.

Bindu Panikkar as seetha is mindblowing.

Grace does a marvellous job, another feather in her cap after Appan.

Other significant performances that stand out are Sharafudheen & Kottayam Nazeer.

Reviewed by ngandacinema 2 / 10

didn't turn out to be exciting

Rorschach was the movie we were so eager to watch due to its poster and trailer. But it was unnecessarily complex, thus didn't turn out to be exciting

Delicious -Grace Antony (playing Sujatha) stole the show. She's been challenging herself lately by picking versatile roles; in Rorschach, she was fierce, firm, aggressive, and not cut out for games, we loved it!

-The VFX team, what an impeccable job! The effects done on Dileep (Sujatha's husband) were impressive; they produced the intimidating mood that the film needed -Color grading, set design, and make-up teams worked in sync to achieve a nice pale palette for a somber atmosphere

Bland -What does Rorschach mean??? It was alarming that the movie didn't explain what this concept is about; we actually had to look it up ourselves -Luke is a regular businessman yet he was skilled in martial arts???

We didn't get to see Luke, the character, but rather Mammootty, the superstar. As always, Mammooty didn't let go of his stardom to indulge himself in the role, very frustrating -The story could have been told in a much simpler way; there were many layers that could have been truncated. Several suspenseful moments attracted our attention but then were brieft -In the end, there wasn't much to take out from the story as it focused on the usual vengeance theme, paying evil with evil.

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