Road Wars: Max Fury


Action / Adventure

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toonarly 1 / 10

Can't put a Zero

Another Asylum rip off. Amazing this company is still allowed to rip others ideas off and NEVER create ANYTHING original. I truly believe that resources should ALWAYS be used to make a QUALITY product, whether it is a material item, a movie, a song, anything, and anyone who squanders resources by making absolute garbage that breaks after a couple uses or makes one despise going to the movies because of fear of being ripped off or whatever should be ashamed of themselves. This movie as with ALL asylum releases plays off other blockbuster films, in this case the latest Mad Max Movie "Furiosa" that actually is good, in hopes of drawing that crowd who may "think" this is the movie they wanted to see, but then its just a rip off copy with horrible acting and everything. There should be laws against this type of scam. Anyway, see it if you have the money to waste, but I'd recommend the authentic Mad Max movies instead!

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by MK_Ultra_ 1 / 10

is it a B-Movie or something worse?

Let me preface this by saying, when you see a film title and its essentially timed to release at the same time as a presumptuous summer "hit" and every word in the title of the film is borrow from that particular well know franchise, you know it can't be taken seriously.

And that's the only thing it has going for it; deception. Its banking on riding a coat tail of another film, and that's exactly whats it's doing because the film is such a poor representation of an action/post apocalyptic sub-genre film. These types of films popped up in video rental store back in the day, trying to skim off an audience that unknowingly wanders in. This is as terrible as you could imagine.

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