Rip Girls


Drama / Family / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.9/10 10 1523 1.5K


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Camilla Belle as Sydney Miller
Dwier Brown as Ben Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tom4Surfing 7 / 10

Better than Lilo and Stitch

Looking for a great children's movie with a Hawaiian theme? Rip Girls has it all. Although the ostensible story line is a bit implausible, the taste of Hawaiian culture and respectful treatment of all generations is well above expectations. This is the kind of movie I used to expect routinely from Disney.

Reviewed by brandi-ferrell 5 / 10

Decent for a Disney channel movie!

After watching ally cats strike, this felt like a breath of fresh air! It wasn't loud and in your face or trying to be cool, it was just a simple (and a bit predictable) story. The acting was decent for the most part. I'm not familiar enough with surfing or Hawaiian culture to know how accurately they were portrayed, but it all seemed mostly pretty believable. The over protective dad and the "but I'm 13 I'm practically an adult!" stuff is a bit over done. I'm sorry but I feel like a13 year old girl would know a little bit more about her mother and how she died. All the dad would have to say is "your mom died in a surfing accident, that's why I'm so scared for you to go surfing." Easy peasy!! Communication people! Anyway, it was better than most of the other Disney channel original movies leading up to this one, but I still have to score it a 5. A 5+! It's watchable, give it a shot!

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

It wouldn't take much

If I ever inherited a piece of Hawaiian beachfront real estate it wouldn't take much to convince me to stay. But when Dwier Brown gets some property from his late wife's family he wants to be rid of it. Her death in a surfing accident is still haunting him even though he's now married to Lauren Sinclair.

The catch here is that the property is in his daughter's name, his daughter by his first wife. So young Camille Belle has to agree. The locals however do not want to see some developer come and build condos. They launch on a campaign to reconnect Belle with her Hawaiian roots.

I always you cannot make an ugly picture in a Hawaiian locale and it's certainly true for Rip Girls. Camille Belle is pretty and charming in the lead role. Helping to convince her to stay are some of her mother's family and one hunky surfer kid Brian Stark. Another great reason never to leave Hawaii.

Rip Girls is a nice family film from the Magic Kingdom.

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