Riot in a Women's Prison

1974 [ITALIAN]

Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 4.9/10 10 196 196


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 6 / 10

A passable movie with great moments.

It seems a shame to describe any Women In Prison picture as "tedious", but this Italian production just fails to be that interesting for its first half. It takes a while to get to any rioting that's going to be done. Fortunately, along the way there are choice scenes that lovers of cinematic trash will adore. They just have to wade through a lot of talk to get to them. This wouldn't be so bad if the movie weren't so horribly dubbed, though: the dialogue is pretty hard to make out at times (not that aficionados of this sort of thing would really care about dialogue).

Performances are mostly adequate in this tale of French tourist Martine Fresienne (Martine Brochard), vacationing in Italy, who just happens to be present when cops bust a bunch of hippies. As it happens, some drugs are planted on Martine, so she's busted with the rest of them and sent to prison - a typical enough prison for W.I.P. fare. Martine makes the acquaintance of Susan (Marilu Tolo), a loud, aggressive inmate who's the kind of person who makes things happen.

If you've read this far, you'll be pleased to know that the movie delivers what you could expect, including an extended shower scene. There's plenty of bare female flesh to admire, always extremely important for the genre. The highlights of the movie include an inmate pleasuring herself in the shower, Susan doing the same in the yard in order to tease a guard, the supreme embarrassment of a hot young nun (Cristina Galbo), the strip tease performed by Isabelle (Isabelle De Valvert), and a rather poetically done lesbian sex scene. With things like this going on, it's understandable that the viewers aren't going to care a whole lot about the story. The standout among the actresses is striking brunette Tolo, who comes complete with a particularly bad dubbing job.

Running a mere 81 minutes, this obviously pretty obscure movie has been resurrected on DVD by the grindhouse collection started by Charles Bands' Full Moon company. Completists will definitely want to give it a look.

Six out of 10.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 6 / 10

Mean Girls.

After selling the 36 Steps (2006-also reviewed) DVD, I wanted to find a bonus title I could send to the buyer as a free gift. Digging into my pile of unwatched Italian flicks,I eyed a obscure WIP title,which left me in the mood for a riot.

View on the film:

Stripping the prisoners down in their sentencing, co-writer/(with Leila Buongiorno/Anthony La Penna and Aldo Semeraro) director Brunello Rondi (who wrote Fellini's most famous works!) & cinematographer Gino Santini lay bare a nice and sleazy WIP atmosphere from the ladies ripping their clothes off in cat fights,and wonderfully bonkers dips into unintended (?) comedy (a noose for a dog!)

Kicking it all off in the prison, Rondi charges in with a Grindhouse rough and ready style in hand-held camera moves punching into the middle of the action, and rapid spinning camera moves rolling on the disorientating state of a riot.

Each coming from the school of hard knocks, the writers give each of the gals tasty coarsely cut dialogue, bringing out a ruthless bite to when the action starts. Entering the big house being found wrongly guilty, fit Martine Brochard gives a live wire turn as Fresienne, whose innocent state Brochard grinds down,by getting Fresienne caught up in a riot in a women's prison.

Reviewed by cashbacher 5 / 10

Unexciting plot, two obligatory scenes

The premise of this movie is that a woman is falsely accused of dealing in drugs. She encounters a group of people doing drugs and when the police arrive, a stash is placed in her coat. Those drugs are discovered, and she is summarily sent to prison to await trial. It is a prison run by nuns and most of the movie depicts the lives of the women in their environment.

Much of the movie is predictable, with two of the obligatory scenes of such movies present. The first is the shower scene, where the women cavort like schoolgirls under the streams of water. They are having so much fun that the nun supervising them steps in to separate an overexuberant pair. The second obligatory scene is one that strongly hints of lesbian sexual activity.

As was expected, there were several scenes where the sole purpose seemed to be an excuse to include one or more bare female breasts. Other than that, the movie is quite dull, the acting is weak, storyline unremarkable and predictable. The falsely accused woman is somehow exonerated and apparently walks out of the prison a changed person. At least that is what is hinted, there is no definitive justification. It is a typical example of the women in prison genre that was popular drive-in fare for a time.

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