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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Abdo0079 6 / 10

OK thriller but not horror enough

Rings is not a bad film , but it's just you can't call it strong horror Maybe Thriller or Mystery .. The story is good and could have been served better to increase the scary content of it . I consider it a good continuation of the Ring series Although I'm missing Naomi Watts . Acting was okay . Music and Picture were fine ..

Overall it's not as bad as you might hear , and not better than the first two parts ..

Reviewed by pokemon_trainer_lucas 7 / 10

Not as good as The Ring 1 & 2, but still pretty good

People are making this film out to be a lot worse than it was. I agree with people that it would have been much better received had it been released years earlier, because a considerable amount of time has passed between The Ring 2 and Rings, but that shouldn't impact on people's ratings on the film itself. I also agree that Rings did not have the same strengths as The Ring and The Ring 2, but it still wasn't deserving of ratings as below 5, like many people are giving it. As a horror/thriller, it still had the classic jump scares and suspense, making it a successful horror flick. I gave it 7/10 because I think that that's a fair rating once I've considered the down sides and the positives. I recommend you watch it so you can at least finish the story of Samara's hauntings.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

Watch where you step. he just painted the ceiling

People watch a VHS tape and 7 days later they die, unless they make a copy and have someone else watch it...instructions not included, but somehow everyone knows it. Our infamous tape or a copy that no one wants to destroy, makes its way into the hands of Vince Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) a college professor who teaches biology doing experiments that involve the soul and afterlife. Through a series of circumstances, Julie (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz- 4 names dead Catholic give away) sees the tape and gets a connection to the girl in the tape who we discover is Samara Morgan (contortionist Bonnie Morgan). We discover her past.

I guess the film had to go there. We discovered who Freddie was after a few films. The problem I had was the predictability, down to the individual jump scares, like when Julie was peeking through a hole. You knew it was coming. Of course I would have complained about a missed opportunity had they not done it. A so-so sequel.

Guide: no swearing, near sex, no nudity.

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